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Checklist of miniatures from Batman: Streets of Gotham (DC) (HeroClix)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
045 Arsenal (SOG) Outsiders Team Pack
S101 Bat Signal DC Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
V001 Batcycle Batman Ally Team Pack
047 Batman (SOG Batcycle TP) Batman Ally Team Pack
050 Batman (SOG Chase 050) Police Chase
051 Batman (SOG Chase 051) Police Chase
052 Batman (SOG Chase 052) Mystics/Police Chase
032 Batman (SOG JL TP) Justice League Team Pack
100 Batman (SOG LE) Batman Ally Marquee
013 Batman (SOG Uncommon) Batman Ally Uncommon
103 Batman and Nightwing Batman Ally Limited Edition
003 Black Canary (SOG Common) Police Common
041 Black Canary (SOG TP) Batman Ally Team Pack
010 Black Glove Demon Batman Enemy Common
030 Black Mask (SOG) Underworld Rare
006 Blue Beetle (SOG) Justice League Common
020 Calendar Man Batman Enemy Uncommon
026 Comissioner Gordon (SOG) Police Rare
046 Crux DC Unaffiliated Team Pack
038 David Cain Batman Enemy Team Pack
040 Deathstroke (SOG) Calculator Team Pack
009 Dove (SOG) Batman Ally Common
011 Dr. Hurt Underworld Common
102 Dr. Thomas Wayne DC Unaffiliated Limited Edition
037 Emp DC Unaffiliated Team Pack
007 False Facer Batman Enemy/Underworld Common
008 Fire (SOG) Justice League Common
004 GCPD Detective Police Common
049 GCPD Motor Officer Police Team Pack
V003 GCPD Motorcycle Police Team Pack
001 GCPD Officer (SOG) Police Common
005 GCPD Sergeant Police Common
027 Guy Gardner (SOG) Justice League Rare
016 Harvey Bullock (SOG) Police Uncommon
022 Harvey Dent (SOG) Police Uncommon
018 Hawk (SOG) Justice League Uncommon
101 Hugo Strange (SOG) Batman Ally/Batman Enemy Limited Edition
014 Huntress (SOG) Batman Ally Uncommon
017 Ice (SOG) Justice League Uncommon
043 Katana (SOG) Batman Ally Team Pack
021 Killer Croc (SOG) Batman Enemy Uncommon
002 Lady Blackhawk Batman Ally Common
039 Lady Shiva (SOG) DC Unaffiliated Team Pack
024 Mr. Zsasz Batman Enemy Rare
025 OMAC (SOG) DC Unaffiliated Rare
029 Onomatopoeia Calculator Rare
S102 Radar Monitor DC Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
019 Red Hood (SOG) Outsiders Uncommon
015 Renee Montoya/The Question Police Uncommon
015v Renee Montoya/The Question (Faceless variant) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
012 Robin (SOG Common) Batman Ally Common
048 Robin (SOG TP) Titans Team Pack
V002 Robincycle Titans Team Pack
023 Scarecrow (SOG) Batman Enemy Uncommon
036 Spartan Warrior Spirit DC Unaffiliated Team Pack
044 Starfire (SOG) Outsiders Team Pack
042 Starling Batman Ally Team Pack
033 Superman (SOG) Justice League Team Pack
031 The Architect DC Unaffiliated Rare
028 Vixen (SOG) Justice League Rare
035 Void (SOG) DC Unaffiliated Team Pack
034 Wonder Woman (SOG) Justice League Team Pack