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Checklist of miniatures from Marvel Heroclix 10th Anniversary (HeroClix)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
023 Captain America (10th Chase) Avengers/Skrulls Chase
001 Captain America (10th Common) Avengers Initiative Common
021 Dark Phoenix (10th) Power Cosmic Rare
014 Emma Frost (10th) Brotherhood/X-Men Uncommon
004 Green Goblin (10th Common) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
018 Green Goblin (10th Rare) Sinister Syndicate Rare
002 Hulk (10th) Avengers Common
009 Iron Man (10th Common) Avengers Common
012 Iron Man (10th Uncommon) Avengers Uncommon
019 Magneto (10th Rare) X-Men Rare
015 Magneto (10th Uncommon) Brotherhood Uncommon
006 Marvel Girl (10th) X-Men Common
024 Spider-Man (10th Chase) Skrulls/Spider-man Ally Chase
017 Spider-Man (10th Uncommon) Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
007 Storm (10th Common) X-Men Common
020 Storm (10th Rare) X-Men Rare
011 The Thing (10th Uncommon) Fantastic Four Uncommon
003 Thing (10th Common) Fantastic Four Common
005 Thor (10th Common) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
016 Thor (10th Uncommon) Avengers Initiative Uncommon
010 Weapon X (10th) X-Men Uncommon
008 White Queen (10th) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
022 Wolverine (10th) Skrulls/X-Men Chase
013 Worldbreaker Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon