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Checklist of miniatures from The Dark Knight Rises (DC) (HeroClix)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
013 Alfred Pennyworth (DKR) Batman Ally Uncommon
210 Arkham Asylum Escapee Underworld Common
004 Arkham Asylum Inmate DC Unaffiliated Common
204 Bane (DKR GF) Underworld Common
103 Bane (DKR Starter) Batman Enemy Starter Exclus.
014 Bane (DKR Uncommon) Batman Enemy Uncommon
201 Batman (DKR GF) Batman Ally Common
100 Batman (DKR LE) Batman Ally Marquee
101 Batman (DKR Starter) Batman Ally Starter Exclus.
003 Bruce Wayne (DKR Common) Batman Ally Common
202 Bruce Wayne (DKR GF) Batman Ally Common
024 Carmine Falcone Underworld Rare
006 Catwoman (DKR Common) Batman Enemy Common
203 Catwoman (DKR GF) Batman Ally Common
102 Catwoman (DKR Starter) DC Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
027 Commissioner Gordon (DKR) Batman Ally/Police Rare
010 Falcone Bodyguard Underworld Common
005 GCPD Officer Police Common
011 GCPD Riot Officer Police Common
017 Harvey Dent (DKR) Batman Ally Uncommon
105 Harvey Two-Face Batman Enemy Starter Exclus.
023 Henri Ducard Batman Ally/Underworld Rare
206 John Blake Police/Underworld Common
021 Lt. Gordon Police Uncommon
026 Lucius Fox (DKR) DC Unaffiliated Rare
015 Master Bruce Wayne Batman Ally/Underworld Uncommon
008 Mercenary Underworld Common
012 Miranda Tate DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
022 Ra's al Ghul (DKR) Batman Enemy/Underworld Rare
205 Rachel Dawes (GF) DC Unaffiliated Common
018 Rachel Dawes (Uncommon) Police Uncommon
016 Salvatore Maroni Underworld Uncommon
025 Scarecrow (DKR) Batman Enemy Rare
106 Sgt. Gordon Police Starter Exclus.
002 Shadow Assassin Underworld Common
029 The Batman (DKR Rare) Batman Ally Rare
001 The Dark Knight (DKR) Batman Ally Common
209 The Joker (DKR GF) Underworld Common
028 The Joker (DKR Rare) Batman Enemy/Underworld Rare
104 The Joker (DKR Starter) Batman Enemy Starter Exclus.
020 The Joker as Sgt. Batman Enemy/Police Uncommon
007 The Joker's Henchman #1 Underworld Common
019 The Joker's Henchman #2 Underworld Uncommon
207 The Joker's Henchman #3 Underworld Common
208 The Joker's Henchman #4 Underworld Common
009 Two-Face (DKR) Batman Enemy Common