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Checklist of miniatures from Crisis (DC) (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
E004 52 DC Unaffiliated Event Dial
044 Accomplished Perfect Physician DC Unaffiliated Rare
016 Ace Calculator Common
B002 Adeline Wilson DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
054 Alex Luthor Calculator Super-Rare
225 Anti-Monitor Quintessence Action Pack
BF100 Antimatter Universe DC Unaffiliated LE-Battlef. Con
004 Aqualad Titans Common
014 Batgirl (CR) Batman Ally Common
200 Batman (CR) Batman Ally LE-Con
019 Batwoman DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
053 Black Adam (CR) DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
030 Blue Beetle (CR) Justice League Uncommon
062 Boy Wonder Titans Limited Edition
F002 Cannonball DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
050 Captain Marvel, Jr. DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
036 Chief Outsiders Rare
B005a-b Congo Bill/Congorilla DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
E200 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Pariah DC Unaffiliated Action Pack
E100 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Supergirl (LE) DC Unaffiliated Event Dial
048 Darkseid (CR) DC Unaffiliated Rare
022 Dawnstar Legion of Super Heroes Uncommon
E006 DC One Million DC Unaffiliated Event Dial
028 Deathstroke (CR) Calculator Uncommon
E005 Dial H for Hero DC Unaffiliated Event Dial
B003 Dolphin DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
102 Donna Troy (CR) Titans Limited Edition
020 Dr. Sivana Superman Enemy Uncommon
S004 Dynamostat DC Unaffiliated Special Object
F101 Fall Back DC Unaffiliated LE-Feat Card
040 Forerunner Hypertime Rare
103 Garth Titans Limited Edition
F100 Giant Stride DC Unaffiliated LE-Feat Card
009 Gold DC Unaffiliated Common
026 Green Arrow (CR) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
023 Green Lantern (CR) Green Lantern Uncommon
226 Guardian of Fear Quintessence LE-Con
039 Harbinger Hypertime Rare
032 Hawk and Dove Titans Uncommon
BF003 High Gravity DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
E002 Identity Crisis DC Unaffiliated Event Dial
E003 Infinite Crisis DC Unaffiliated Event Dial
015 Iron DC Unaffiliated Common
BF002 Isolation (CR) DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
025 Jack and Ten Calculator Uncommon
007 Jericho Titans Common
B006 Kamandi DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
024 Karate Kid Legion of Super Heroes Uncommon
002 Kid Flash (CR) Titans Common
S100 Kinetic Accelerator DC Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
051 King and Queen Calculator Super-Rare
011 Klarion Mystics Common
037 Kyle Rayner (CR) Green Lantern Rare
034 Lead and Tin DC Unaffiliated Rare
010 Liberty Belle Justice Society Common
B004 Lois Lane DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
031 Mammoth Calculator Uncommon
F102 Maneuver DC Unaffiliated LE-Feat Card
041 Mary Marvel (CR) DC Unaffiliated Rare
S002 Mass-Absorber DC Unaffiliated Special Object
B001 Matter-Eater Lad DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
008 Mercury DC Unaffiliated Common
043 Monarch Hypertime Rare
060 Monitor DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
F001 Monster Society of Evil DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
042 Mordru (CR) Mystics Rare
029 Nightwing (CR) Batman Ally Uncommon
058 Nightwing and Starfire Titans Super-Rare
S003 Opened Hydrant DC Unaffiliated Special Object
F003 Opportunist DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
BF004 Ordinary Day (CR) DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
033 Psimon Calculator Rare
052 Psycho-Pirate DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
018 Red Arrow Justice League Uncommon
017 Red Hood (CR) Batman Enemy Uncommon
021 Rip Hunter Hypertime Uncommon
013 Robin (Drake) (CR) Batman Ally Common
001 Robin (Grayson) (CR) Titans Common
104 Roy Harper Titans Limited Edition
224 Shadow Demon DC Unaffiliated Action Pack
006 Shimmer Calculator Common
F004 Sidestep DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
055 Sinestro (CR) DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
BF001 Skyscrapers DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
005 Speedy (CR) Titans Common
046 Star Sapphire Injustice League Rare
056 Supergirl (CR) Superman Ally Super-Rare
100 Superman (Kal-L) (CR) Superman Ally Chase
105 Superman (Kingdom Come) (CR) Hypertime Chase
012 Supernova DC Unaffiliated Common
047 Tempest Mystics Rare
057 The Flash (CR) Justice League Super-Rare
E001 The Judas Contract DC Unaffiliated Event Dial
059 The Spectre (CR) Quintessence Super-Rare
223 Thunderer of Qward DC Unaffiliated Action Pack
S001 Trapped Dumpster DC Unaffiliated Special Object
027 Trickster and Pied Piper Calculator Uncommon
045 Trigon Mystics Rare
035 Uncle Sam Justice Society Rare
101 Wally West Titans Limited Edition
049 Will Magnus and Platinum DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
003 Wonder Girl (CR Common) Titans Common
038 Wonder Girl (CR Rare) Titans Rare
061 World's Finest Batman Ally/Superman Ally LE-Brick