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miniature review DRONE: It isn't the sound of Vuvuzelas...

Miniature Review
DRONE: click to enlarge

  • Unit #: 025
  • Faction: Covenant
  • Points: 75
  • Rarity: Uncommon
It isn't the sound of Vuvuzelas...

written by hissanrach
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General description:
"Buzzzzzzzz" is what you'd probably hear when the Drone closes in, only this isn't some World Cup fan; it's an angry, gun-wielding giant bug bent on killing you. The Drone is an insectoid alien that makes up a part of the vast Covenant forces. This bug isn't real strong, but then again it's also not particularly expensive, and could make a nice support piece when fighting enemy Covenant forces.

The Drone's flying ability comes into play when it is attacked with grenades. Unfortunately, this piece along with others bearing a clear support pole (to simulate flight) can't acutally use it's greatest advantage in the game. If you remember correctly, the Drones' biggest advantage is being able to fly around, making them hard to hit as they fire away at you. Instead of flight however, they are given the lousy ability of JUMP, which reduces Grenade damage by 1. This only lasts for 3 clicks, and with a life counter of 6, it really isn't too helpful. So much for having wings. It does however get +2 attack against other Covenant units however. While this is a strange ability, it makes this frail bug quite strong when facing other aliens. It's high speed is it's last defense and perhaps the only thing that sets it apart from other 75 point units. Moving about at a steady 9 and 8 speed, it will have no problem ambushing the enemy or zipping away to cover.

Strategies and game play:
The Drone can be used to support a group of other units facing off against Covenant units. The +2 against Covenant can really give the boost needed to strike a hit. Because this bug doesn't have much health or attack strength (2 damage until 3 health left, then 1)it's not worth supporting. Use it to back up stronger units; the +2 against Covenant is an unexpected ability, and if attention is taken off it, it could pack a punch. It's also one of the faster units with a starting movement of 9, so it can be maneuvered quickly to wherever support is needed. Once it's noticed though, there's not much that can be done to save it. Live free and die hard would be this unit's motto.

Combos with other miniatures:
This unit is best when working with any other allies, preferably ones with anti-Covenant abilities as well. Sending it out alone would be suicide for the poor bug, but sending it out supported and against some Covenant units and its ability will really shine. Needless to say it should be taking on units it's own size, because anything else will make short work of its low health.

Ways to counteract it:
Because it has only average health and excels at fighting only Covenant forces, the best way to kill this bothersome insect is to send either Flood or UNSC units after it. It can't deal much damage, and there should be little problems wiping away the remains of the Drone. If it is supported, it shouldn't be a priority unless your group is made of Covenant forces. If this is so, then eliminate the Drone quickly (again, this shouldn't be too difficult).

- Jump Ability
- +2 attack against Covenant
- Average Health
- Fast speed of 9 and 8

- Average Health
- Jump ability only lasts 3 clicks
- Low-average damage

Artwork and aesthetics:
The Drone is a great looking piece. All of it's details are captured well, and it's a good representation of the Drone from the games. The best part is however the fact that it has it's wings spread and is supported by a clear rod which gives it the appearance of it being in mid-flight. It's a shame this ability isn't factored into gameplay other than the JUMP ability (which is a poor substitute in my opinion).

Overall rating:
The Drone is a good asset to any small squad ready to ambush the Covenant. Costing only 75 points, this is a good, average piece with a useful ability. Just don't expect it to last long under fire though. I give it a 6/10.


Modified on March 16, 2012 12:25 am

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