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Desert of Desolation

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Desert of Desolation: 60 miniatures
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 Angel of Vengeance Lawful Good  search
2 Animated Statue Lawful Good  search
26 Astral Stalker Lawful Evil  search
44 Bar-Lgura Chaotic Evil  search
14 Black Woods Dryad Chaotic Good  search
38 Blade Spider Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
27 Blood of Vol Fanatic Lawful Evil  search
39 Boneshard Skeleton Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
10 Bruenor Battlehammer Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
23 Capricious Copper Dragon Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
15 Cliffwalk Archer Chaotic Good  search
40 Cyclops Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
41 Demonweb Swarm Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
45 Drider Chaotic Evil  search
46 Drow Blademaster Chaotic Evil  search
47 Drow Spider Priestess Chaotic Evil  search
3 Dwarf Brawler Lawful Good  search
4 Dwarf Maulfighter Lawful Good  search
16 Elf Conjurer Chaotic Good  search
17 Eternal Blade Chaotic Good  search
48 Ettercap Webspinner Chaotic Evil  search
11 Farmer Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
49 Feral Troll Chaotic Evil  search
50 Fire Archon Chaotic Evil  search
42 Flame Snake Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
20 Gelatinous Cube Any  search
28 Guardian Mummy Lawful Evil  search
18 Halfling Enchanter Chaotic Good  search
19 Halfling Rogue Chaotic Good  search
5 Human Cleric of Bahamut Lawful Good  search
51 Large Fire Elemental Chaotic Evil  search
6 Macetail Behemoth Lawful Good  search
29 Manticore Sniper Lawful Evil  search
21 Mercenary General Any  search
12 Merchant Guard Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
7 Militia Archer Lawful Good  search
43 Naga Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
30 Nightmare Lawful Evil  search
52 Ogre Brute Chaotic Evil  search
31 Osyluth Lawful Evil  search
53 Rage Drake Chaotic Evil  search
54 Ravenous Ghoul Chaotic Evil  search
32 Rot Scarab Swarm Lawful Evil  search
33 Sahuagin Lawful Evil  search
34 Sahuagin Baron Lawful Evil  search
35 Shadar-Kai Assassin Lawful Evil  search
36 Shadow Mastiff Lawful Evil  search
55 Shrieking Harpy Chaotic Evil  search
56 Snaketongue Cultist Chaotic Evil  search
8 Sphinx Lawful Good  search
37 Spined Devil Lawful Evil  search
9 Thundertusk Boar Lawful Good  search
24 Tiefling Cleric Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
25 Tiefling Rogue Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
57 Umber Hulk Delver Chaotic Evil  search
22 Visejaw Crocodile Any  search
13 Warhorse Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
58 Werewolf Champion Chaotic Evil  search
59 Yuan-Ti Champion of Zehir Chaotic Evil  search
60 Yuan-Ti Malison Chaotic Evil  search

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