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Danger Room (Marvel)

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Danger Room (Marvel): 10 miniatures
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
003 Angel (Veteran) X-Men  Starter Exclus.  search
005 Beast (Veteran) X-Men  Starter Exclus.  search
S001 Broken Drone Marvel Unaffiliated  Special Object  search
002 Colossus (Veteran) X-Men  Starter Exclus.  search
001 Cyclops (Veteran) X-Men  Starter Exclus.  search
BF001 Fearless Assault Marvel Unaffiliated  Battlefield Con  search
S002 Generator Marvel Unaffiliated  Special Object  search
004 Jean Grey (Veteran) X-Men  Starter Exclus.  search
F001 Lucky Break Marvel Unaffiliated  Feat Card  search
006 Storm (Veteran) X-Men  Starter Exclus.  search

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