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Pirates of the Revolution

Use the 'search' link for the miniature you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that miniature:
Pirates of the Revolution: 156 miniatures
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094 "Diamond" Nelson Turner Crew  search
016 "Don" Pedro Gilbert Crew  search
097A "Hacksaw" Riley Crew  search
020A Amos Crew  search
141 Asp Ship  SR  search
013 Banshee's Cry Ship  search
098B Becalmed Event  search
100B Becalmed Event  search
001 Black Swan Ship  search
008 Bloody Jewel Ship  search
067 Bonhomme Richard Ship  search
077 Boston Ship  search
122 Cannoneer Crew  search
123 Cannoneer Crew  search
124 Cannoneer Crew  search
125 Cannoneer Crew  search
134 Cannoneer Crew  search
112 Captain Crew  search
113 Captain Crew  search
114 Captain Crew  search
115 Captain Crew  search
132 Captain Crew  search
HH05b Captain Whitebeard Crew  PR  search
093 Carl Smith Crew  search
076 Carolina Ship  search
108 Castaway Unique Treasure  search
139 Chainshot Specialist Crew  search
144 Chainshot Specialist Crew  SR  search
086 Chesapeake Ship  search
100A Christian Jefferson, Esquire Crew  search
095 Commander Albert Crenshaw Crew  search
090 Commodore David Porter Crew  search
068 Constitution Ship  search
012 Coral Ship  search
107 Cross of Coronado Unique Treasure  search
005 Cursed Blade Ship  search
010 Cutlass Ship  search
017 Devereaux Crew  search
044 Diego Cesar Olano Crew  search
020B Divers Event  search
021B Divers Event  search
042 El San Jose Ship  search
070 Enterprise Ship  search
007 Executioner Ship  search
126 Explorer Crew  search
127 Explorer Crew  search
128 Explorer Crew  search
129 Explorer Crew  search
136 Explorer Crew  search
110 Explosives Unique Treasure  search
064A Father Rene Bordeaux Crew  search
023 Firepot Specialist Crew  search
039 Firepot Specialist Crew  search
046 Firepot Specialist Crew  search
066 Firepot Specialist Crew  search
102 Firepot Specialist Crew  search
083 Flying Fish Ship  search
045 Fortaleza Dorada Fort  search
097B Foul Winds Event  search
099B Foul Winds Event  search
071 Freedom Ship  search
104 Fruit Unique Treasure  search
003 Golden Medusa Ship  search
062 Guy LaPlante Crew  search
006 Hades' Flame Ship  search
080 Hannah Ship  search
088 Harlequin Ship  search
116 Helmsman Crew  search
117 Helmsman Crew  search
118 Helmsman Crew  search
119 Helmsman Crew  search
133 Helmsman Crew  search
029 HMS Algiers Ship  search
031 HMS Apollo Ship  search
025 HMS Dreadnought Ship  search
032 HMS Frolic Ship  search
033 HMS Greyhound Ship  search
030 HMS Lord Cauldwell Ship  search
028 HMS Nautilus Ship  search
026 HMS Oxford Ship  search
027 HMS Serapis Ship  search
024 HMS Swallow Ship  search
081 Hornet Ship  search
075 Jarvis Ship  search
015 Jean Laffite Crew  search
089 John Paul Jones Crew  search
091 Jonathan Haraden Crew  search
078 Julius Caesar Ship  search
092 Kikowa Crew  search
096A King George Crew  search
052 L'Atalante Ship  search
054 La Baionnette Ship  search
053 La Belle Etoile Ship  search
041 La Cazadora Ship  search
055 La Danae Ship  search
057 La Felicite Ship  search
043 La Monarca Ship  search
040 La Santa Isabel Ship  search
049 La Vengeance Ship  search
018 Lady Baptiste Crew  search
059 Le Bon Marin Ship  search
051 Le Courageux Ship  search
056 Le Favori Ship  search
050 Le Lyon Ship  search
058 Le Pique Ship  search
048 Le Soleil Royal Ship  search
047 Le Superbe Ship  search
014 Lightning Ship  search
072 Louisiana Ship  search
035 Lt. Nigel Hardwicke Crew  search
087 Lynx Ship  search
060 Madame LaFontaine Crew  search
063B Mermaids Event  search
096B Mermaids Event  search
063A Michel Bordeaux Crew  search
109 Missionary Unique Treasure  search
137 Musketeer Crew  search
106 Natives Unique Treasure  search
002 Neptune's Hoard Ship  search
111 Neptune's Trident Unique Treasure  search
138 Oarsman Crew  search
011 Panda Ship  search
065 Paradis de la Mer Fort  search
085 Peacock Ship  search
082 Philadelphia Ship  search
061 Phillipe Amqui Crew  search
021A Phillipe Laffite Crew  search
004 Pride Ship  search
037B Raft Event  search
064B Raft Event  search
098A Ralph David Crew  search
038 Ramsgate Fort  search
079 Rattlesnake Ship  search
037A Robinson Crew  search
099A Ruth Lee Crew  search
073 Saratoga Ship  search
105 Sextant Unique Treasure  search
120 Shipwright Crew  search
121 Shipwright Crew  search
130 Shipwright Crew  search
131 Shipwright Crew  search
135 Shipwright Crew  search
036 Sir Watkins Defoe Crew  search
HH05a Sleigh Ship  PR  search
142 Star of Siam Ship  SR  search
140 Stinkpot Specialist Crew  search
022 The Devil's Maw Fort  search
019 The Patch Crew  search
101 Thompson's Island Fort  search
009 Tiger Ship  search
069 United States Ship  search
084 Wasp Ship  search
103 Weapons Unique Treasure  search
143 Wesley Crew  SR  search
034 Woodes Rogers Crew  search
074 Yankee Ship  search

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