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Ultimates (Marvel)

Miniature Trading is shutting down.

Miniature Trading will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Miniature Trading was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Miniature Trading. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the miniature you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that miniature:
Ultimates (Marvel): 118 miniatures
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32 Anaconda (Experienced) Serpent Society  search
31 Anaconda (Rookie) Serpent Society  search
33 Anaconda (Veteran) Serpent Society  search
86 Baron Zemo (Unique) Masters of Evil  search
44 Beast (Experienced) Ultimate X-Men  search
43 Beast (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
45 Beast (Veteran) Ultimate X-Men  search
26 Black Widow (Experienced) Shield  search
25 Black Widow (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
27 Black Widow (Veteran) Ultimates  search
211 Blanche Sitznski (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE  search
20 Callisto (Experienced) Morlocks  search
19 Callisto (Rookie) Morlocks  search
21 Callisto (Veteran) Morlocks  search
65 Captain America (Experienced) Ultimates  search
64 Captain America (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
66 Captain America (Veteran) Ultimates  search
83 Captain Britain (Experienced) X-Men  search
82 Captain Britain (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
84 Captain Britain (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
87 Carnage (Unique) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
212 Clint Barton (LE) Ultimates  LE-5  search
74 Colossus (Experienced) Ultimate X-Men  search
73 Colossus (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
75 Colossus (Veteran) Ultimate X-Men  search
91 Crimson Cowl (Unique) Masters of Evil  search
62 Cyclops (Experienced) Brotherhood  search
61 Cyclops (Rookie) Ultimate X-Men  search
63 Cyclops (Veteran) Ultimate X-Men  search
220 Daniel Ketch (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-6  search
71 Doctor Octopus (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
70 Doctor Octopus (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
72 Doctor Octopus (Veteran) Sinister Syndicate  search
205 Dr. Curtis Connors (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-4  search
221 Dr. Otto Octavius (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-6  search
56 Electro (Experienced) Sinister Syndicate  search
55 Electro (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
57 Electro (Veteran) Sinister Syndicate  search
218 Frank Castle (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-6  search
59 Ghost Rider (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
58 Ghost Rider (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
60 Ghost Rider (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
94 Goblin Queen (Unique) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
215 Hank McCoy (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-6  search
35 Hawkeye (Experienced) Ultimates  search
34 Hawkeye (Rookie) Shield  search
36 Hawkeye (Veteran) Ultimates  search
38 Hellcat (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
37 Hellcat (Rookie) Avengers  search
39 Hellcat (Veteran) Defenders  search
5 Hellfire Guard (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
4 Hellfire Guard (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
6 Hellfire Guard (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
95 Hulk (Unique) Ultimates  search
89 Iron Man (Unique) Ultimates  search
216 James Howlett (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-6  search
201 Jonny Ell (LE) Morlocks  LE-4  search
203 Justice is Served! (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-4  search
14 Lizard (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
13 Lizard (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
15 Lizard (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
200 Magneto (as Xorn) (LE) Brotherhood  LE-Mailaway  search
92 Magneto (Unique) Brotherhood  search
77 Marvel Girl (Experienced) Ultimate X-Men  search
76 Marvel Girl (Rookie) Ultimate X-Men  search
78 Marvel Girl (Veteran) Ultimate X-Men  search
219 Maxwell Dillon (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-6  search
2 Morlock (Experienced) Morlocks  search
1 Morlock (Rookie) Morlocks  search
3 Morlock (Veteran) Morlocks  search
207 Morlock Leader (LE) Morlocks  LE-4  search
90 Mr. Sinister (Unique) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
50 Mysterio (Experienced) Sinister Syndicate  search
49 Mysterio (Rookie) Sinister Syndicate  search
51 Mysterio (Veteran) Sinister Syndicate  search
209 Natasha Romanova (LE) Ultimates  LE-5  search
210 Ororo Munroe (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-5  search
213 Patsy Walker (LE) Defenders  LE-5  search
214 Peter Parker (LE) Spider-Man Ally  LE-5  search
93 Phoenix (Unique) X-Men  search
17 Princess Python (Experienced) Serpent Society  search
16 Princess Python (Rookie) Serpent Society  search
18 Princess Python (Veteran) Serpent Society  search
53 Punisher (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
52 Punisher (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
54 Punisher (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
217 Quentin Beck (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-6  search
68 Sabretooth (Experienced) Brotherhood  search
67 Sabretooth (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
69 Sabretooth (Veteran) Brotherhood  search
8 Scourge (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
7 Scourge (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
9 Scourge (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
204 Sentinel Captain (LE) Shield  LE-4  search
11 Sentinel Trooper (Experienced) Shield  search
10 Sentinel Trooper (Rookie) Shield  search
12 Sentinel Trooper (Veteran) Shield  search
208 Seth Voelker (LE) Serpent Society  LE-4  search
23 Sidewinder (Experienced) Serpent Society  search
22 Sidewinder (Rookie) Serpent Society  search
24 Sidewinder (Veteran) Serpent Society  search
41 Spider-Man (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
40 Spider-Man (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
42 Spider-Man (Veteran) Spider-Man Ally  search
29 Storm (Experienced) Ultimate X-Men  search
28 Storm (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
30 Storm (Veteran) Ultimate X-Men  search
96 Thor (Unique) Ultimates  search
88 Vindicator (Unique) Avengers  search
202 Wade Cole (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-4  search
47 Wolverine (Experienced) Ultimate X-Men  search
46 Wolverine (Rookie) Brotherhood  search
48 Wolverine (Veteran) Ultimate X-Men  search
80 Wrecker (Experienced) Masters of Evil  search
79 Wrecker (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
81 Wrecker (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated  search
85 Xorn (Unique) X-Men  search
206 Zelda Dubois (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-4  search

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