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Giant-Size X-Men (Marvel)

Miniature Trading is shutting down.

Miniature Trading will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Miniature Trading was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Miniature Trading. Thank you!

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Giant-Size X-Men (Marvel): 81 miniatures
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016 Aaron Stack Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
031 Angel (GSX) X-Men  Uncommon  search
G03 Apocalypse (GSX) Marvel Unaffiliated  Super booster  search
G07 Apocalypse (GSX) (TRU) Marvel Unaffiliated  Exclusive  search
104 Archangel (GSX LE) X-Men  Limited Edition  search
049 Archangel (GSX SR) Marvel Unaffiliated  Super-Rare  search
050 Armor X-Men  Super-Rare  search
010 Beast (GSX) Avengers/X-Men  Common  search
033 Blob (GSX) Brotherhood  Uncommon  search
044 Bonebreaker Marvel Unaffiliated  Rare  search
102 Cable (GSX) Marvel Unaffiliated  Limited Edition  search
055 Cable/Deadpool Marvel Unaffiliated  Chase  search
018 Caliban Marvel Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
022 Cannonball (GSX) Brotherhood  Uncommon  search
032 Ch'od Marvel Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
056 Colossus/Wolverine X-Men  Chase  search
S101 Crimson Gem of Cyttorak Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-Special Obj.  search
008 Cyclops (GSX) X-Men  Common  search
057 Cyclops/Phoenix X-Men  Chase  search
012 Cypher Brotherhood/X-Men  Common  search
103 Deadpool (GSX) X-Men  Limited Edition  search
017 Domino (GSX) X-Men  Uncommon  search
025 Elixir X-Men  Uncommon  search
028 Elsa Bloodstone Marvel Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
011 Emma Frost (GSX) Brotherhood/X-Men  Common  search
013 Empath Brotherhood  Common  search
203 Famine Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-Con  search
S102 Fin Fang Foom Finger Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-Special Obj.  search
G06 Frost Giant Marvel Unaffiliated  Super booster  search
G12 Frost Warrior (TRU) Marvel Unaffiliated  Exclusive  search
058 Gambit/Rogue X-Men  Chase  search
037 Gatecrasher Marvel Unaffiliated  Rare  search
024 Gideon Marvel Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
020 Harry Leland Marvel Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
004 Hellfire Club Guard Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
051 Hulk (GSX) Marvel Unaffiliated  Super-Rare  search
038 Iceman (GSX) Spider-Man Ally/X-Men  Rare  search
100 Jamie Madrox (GSX) Marvel Unaffiliated  Limited Edition  search
046 Juggernaut (GSX) Brotherhood  Super-Rare  search
105 Karima Police/X-Men  Limited Edition  search
026 Leech Marvel Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
039 Lockheed (GSX) X-Men  Rare  search
001 Madrox (GSX) X-Men  Common  search
053 Magneto (GSX) Brotherhood  Super-Rare  search
005 Mindless One Mystics  Common  search
029 Monica Rambeau (GSX) Avengers  Uncommon  search
035 Mystique (GSX) Brotherhood  Rare  search
G05 Nemesis Marvel Unaffiliated  Super booster  search
G11 Nemesis (TRU) Marvel Unaffiliated  Exclusive  search
003 Omega Prime Sentinel Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
G04 Onslaught Brotherhood/Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-Men/X-Men  Super booster  search
G10 Onslaught (TRU) Marvel Unaffiliated  Exclusive  search
201 Pestilence Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-Con  search
047 Phoenix (GSX) Power Cosmic  Super-Rare  search
042 Predator X Marvel Unaffiliated  Rare  search
007 Pretty Boy Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
036 Professor X (GSX) X-Men  Rare  search
101 Psylocke (GSX LE) Marvel Unaffiliated  Limited Edition  search
023 Psylocke (GSX Uncommon) X-Men  Uncommon  search
002 Purifier Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
034 Pyro (GSX) Brotherhood  Rare  search
030 Rogue (GSX) X-Men  Uncommon  search
014 Roulette Brotherhood  Common  search
040 Sabretooth (GSX) Brotherhood  Rare  search
G01 Sentinel Mark II Marvel Unaffiliated  Super booster  search
G08 Sentinel Mark II (TRU) Marvel Unaffiliated  Exclusive  search
G02 Sentinel Mark V Marvel Unaffiliated  Super booster  search
G09 Sentinel Mark V (TRU) Marvel Unaffiliated  Exclusive  search
027 Siryn X-Men  Uncommon  search
006 Skullbuster (GSX) Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
048 Storm (GSX) X-Men  Super-Rare  search
041 Stryfe Brotherhood  Rare  search
015 Tabitha Smith (GSX) Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
021 Tarot Brotherhood  Uncommon  search
054 The Captain Marvel Unaffiliated  Super-Rare  search
043 Trevor Fitzroy Marvel Unaffiliated  Rare  search
045 Vulcan Power Cosmic  Rare  search
202 War Marvel Unaffiliated  LE-Con  search
019 William Stryker Marvel Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
009 Wolverine (GSX Common) Avengers/X-Men  Common  search
052 Wolverine (GSX SR) Marvel Unaffiliated  Super-Rare  search

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