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Player's Handbook Heroes: Series 2

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Player's Handbook Heroes: Series 2: 18 miniatures
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11 Female Elf Fighter Wild  Visible  search
4 Female Human Avenger Civilization  Visible  search
16 Female Human Barbarian Borderlands/Wild  Visible  search
7 Female Human Cleric Civilization  Visible  search
13 Female Human Warlord Civilization  Visible  search
1 Female Human Wizard Wild  Visible  search
10 Male Dragonborn Warlord Borderlands/Civilization  Visible  search
8 Male Genasi Paladin Underdark/Wild  Visible  search
12 Male Gnome Rogue Civilization/Wild  Visible  search
18 Male Halfling Barbarian Civilization/Wild  Visible  search
17 Male Human Druid Underdark/Wild  Visible  search
9 Male Human Invoker Wild  Visible  search
6 Male Human Paladin Borderlands  Visible  search
3 Male Human Swordmage Civilization/Underdark  Visible  search
14 Male Shifter Ranger Wild  Visible  search
15 Male Tiefling Fighter Borderlands/Underdark  Visible  search
2 Warforged Artificer Civilization  Visible  search
5 Warforged Cleric Borderlands  Visible  search

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