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Doctor Who Character Building

Doctor Who Character Building

Home page for the game Doctor Who Character Building

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The most wanted
These are the miniatures appearing most often in wanted lists.
Miniature Set #  
Rory the Roman Series 2 10 search
Cyber Leader Series 2 9 search
Weeping Angel (serene) Series 1 9 search
Amy Pond (police uniform) Series 2 9 search
Hologram Silent Series 2 9 search
River Song (white shirt, brown pants) Series 2 8 search
Silurian (battle armor) Series 1 8 search
Silence (closed mouth) Series 2 8 search
Dalek Supreme Series 2 8 search
Ood Series 3 8 search
Dalek (gold) Series 3 8 search
Dalek Strategist Series 1 8 search
11th Doctor (blue) Series 1 8 search
Sontaran Trooper Series 3 8 search
Silurian Series 1 8 search
Judoon Trooper Series 3 8 search
River Song (denim jacket) Series 2 7 search
7th Doctor Eleven Doctors Set 7 search
Roman Series 2 7 search
Vashta Narada Series 3 7 search