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Anthony Stark (LE):

"(Good) From Tales of Suspense 39. While in Vietnam, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark tripped a booby trap and a piece of shrapnel was lodged in his chest. Mortally wounded, Stark is captured by a warlord who demands that Stark build him a weapon. Instead, Stark builds the Iron Man armor which doubles as a pacemaker to keep his injured heart beating. As Iron Man, Stark escaped his captors and returns to the United States to start a career as a superhero! In the very next issue, Stark gold-plates his iron armor. Allies: Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, James Rhodes, Jarvis Enemies: None Bio by Scott Rogers of Whoclix "

  • Collector's number: 218
  • Rarity: LE-Brick
  • Team Ability: Marvel Unaffiliated
  • Point Value: 100
  • Powers: "SStr, Inv, Outw, FBst, Toug, RCE, Outw"
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