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Ghost Widow (LE):

"Ghost Widow (Bad) Originally a Night Widow agent for Arachnos, Belladonna Vetrano was an expert spy; a master of stealth, infiltration and disguise. When she was killed on a mission, Vetrano re-manifested as a spirit. In her ghostly form, she can phase through walls and only becomes solid to interact with the everyday world. She can drain and transfer life force from victims as well as summon spirits to attack her enemies. She is often found teaming up with the Wretch as well in command of the Widows, the cybernetic foot soldiers of Arachnos. Allies: Captain Mako, Black Scorpion Enemies:Statesman, Positron, Manticore Bio by Scott Rogers of Whoclix"

  • Collector's number: 002
  • Rarity: Collectors Set
  • Team Ability: Arachnos
  • Point Value: 52
  • Powers: "Phasing, Poison, Support, Super Senses, Steal Energy, Regeneration, Pulse Wave"
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