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Statesman (Cape) (LE):

"Statesman (Good) As Paragon City's first costumed superhero, Marcus Cole has been fighting evil for over 70 years. After mastering the Far East secret of unlocking the ""inner will"", Cole gained access to incredible strength and invulnerability. Over the years he has used his powers for good, battling injustice both local and worldwide. He has a keen interest in organizing the hero community as the founder of the Freedom Phalanx and a member of the Vanguard Elite. Statesman is one of the few survivors of the devastating Rikti War and now spends much of his time aiding and training the new heroes of Paragon City. Allies: Positron, Manticore Enemies:Lord Recluse, Ghost Widow, Captain Mako, Black Scorpion Bio by Scott Rogers of Whoclix"

  • Collector's number: 004
  • Rarity: Limited Edition
  • Team Ability: Freedom Phalanx
  • Point Value: 131
  • Powers: "Charge, Super Strength, Invulnerability, Exploit Weakness, Flurry, Toughness"
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