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Starfire (Experienced):


A Tamaran warrior princess who escaped slavery and fled to Earth, Koriand'r found a new life as member of the Teen Titans and a romantic relationship with Robin. After being possessed by Raven, she left the team and returned to space. After her home planet was destroyed, she rejoined the Teen Titans where she now mentors the younger team members. Beautiful and deadly, Starfire can harness the power of the sun to fire devastating starbolts and fly.

Robin (Starter and REV), Troia, Beast Boy/Changeling, Cyborg, Raven, Flash, Superboy, Kid Flash, Titans

Blackfire, Brother Blood, Deathstroke, Cheshire

Bio by Scott Rogers of Whoclix

Archenemy: Blackfire

  • Collector's number: 023
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Team Ability: Titans
  • Point Value: 77
  • Powers: Running Shot, Toughness
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