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Professor Zoom (LE):


Once Flash's ally, Hunter Zolomon was an FBI profiller specializing in supervillains. After being crippled and divorced, Hunter moved to Keystone City and just as life seemed to improve, he was paralyzed by Gorilla Grodd. He asked Flash to travel back in time to change the outcome of the encounter, but Flash refused. Hunter attempted to use Barry Allen's time travelling Cosmic Treadmill to go back himself, but the device exploded.

Hunter was transformed into Zoom, the second Reverse Flash. He can move as fast as the Flash, steal speed from others and rip pockets in time. He was responsible for the death of Flash's unborn child and has recently allied himself with Luthor's new society of villains. Zoom's twisted agenda is to make Flash a better hero by causing him as much pain and suffering as possible!

Allies: Cheetah, Black Adam, Lex Luthor, Calculator

Enemies: Gorilla Grodd, Flash, Linda West, Kid Flash

Bio by Scott Rogers of Whoclix

  • Collector's number: 209
  • Rarity: LE-Mailaway
  • Team Ability: DC Unaffiliated
  • Point Value: 99
  • Powers: Hypersonic Speed, Super Senses, Exploit Weakness, Energy Shield Deflection, Blades, Phasing, Outwit
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