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Le Soleil Royal:

Once per turn when this ship hits an enemy ship, also eliminate one crew from that ship.

Capitain DeZay has assigned each of his cannonneers a specific color of cannonball, so that they get the credit they deserve in battle.

[Errata: In the flavor text the word "Capitain" is misspelled on the card, it should be "Capitaine." The word "cannonneers" is misspelled on the card. It should be "cannoneers."]

  • Collector's Number: 048
  • Faction Affiliation: France
  • Rarity: R
  • Type: Ship
  • Point Value: 13
  • Cargo Space: 5
  • Base Move: L
  • Cannons: 2S-3L-3L-3L-2S
  • Number of Masts: 5
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