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Hawkgirl (Experienced):


A police officer from the planet Thanagar, Shayera Thal met and married fellow officer Katar Hol. Wearing wings made of alien anti-gravity metal, the two pursued a criminal to Earth. After their adventure, they remained; adopting the identities of Carter and Shiera Hall. As Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the two heroes used ancient weapons and modern technology against criminals such as the Shadow Thief, the Tattooed Man and the Manhawks. The Hawks were also members of the JLA until they were wiped from existence during the reality-altering Zero Hour.

Allies: Hawkman, Zatanna, Atom, JLA

Enemies: Despero, the Key, Injustice Gang

Bio by Scott Rogers of Whoclix

  • Collector's number: 003
  • Rarity: Starter Exclus.
  • Team Ability: Justice League
  • Point Value: 31
  • Powers: "Charge, Energy Shield Deflection"
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