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Monkey See Lois, Monkey Do:
When a friendly character named Lois Lane moves, after actions resolve Titano can be given a move action as a free action to move up to the same number of squares. When a friendly character named Lois Lane makes an attack targeting an opposing character, after actions resolve Titano can make a close combat attack as a free action.


Colossal Retaliation - Two-Fist Punch:
Give Titano a free action if no other Colossal Retaliation power has been activated this turn and choose an opposing character that attacked Titano or damaged a friendly character since your last turn. Place Titano such that he can make a close combat attack targeting the chosen character, then make two separate close combat attacks targeting the chosen character each with an area of effect that includes all other characters within 2 squares of the target. Hit characters are each dealt 3 damage instead of normal damage.

Colossal Indifference: Titano can use Toughness. If Titano began the game on the 20-point starting line, he can't attack smaller characters except via Colossal Retaliation. When this power is revealed due to damage taken from an opposing character's attack, stop turning the dial. This power can't be countered or ignored.

  • Collector's number: G005
  • Rarity: Super booster
  • Team Ability: DC Unaffiliated
  • Point Value: 250/200/150/75/20
  • Powers: Plasticity, Quake, Super Senses, Charge, Flurry, Running Shot, Leap/Climb, Super Strength, Psychic Blast, Invulnerability, Toughness, Battle Fury, Close Combat Expert
  • Keywords: Animal,┬áBrute, Metropolis
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