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Divine Aura:
Hermes can't be targeted by Outwit or Probability Control from opposing characters unless the targeting character has a higher point value or has the Deity keyword.

Caduceus Snake: At the beginning of the game, you may place adjacent two Caduceus Snake bystander tokens as described on this card. Give Hermes a power action if there are no friendly Caduceus Snakes on the map, and you may place two adjacent two Caduceus Snake bystander tokens.

  • Collector's number: 036
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Team Ability: DC Unaffiliated
  • Point Value: 140
  • Powers: Hypersonic Speed, Sidestep, Steal Energy, Invincible, Toughness, Probability Control, Exploit Weakness
  • Keywords: Deity,¬†Herald,¬†Mystical,¬†Speedster
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