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Lana Lang:


Transform Into the Insect Queen!:
Lana Lang can be played at 20 points or 50 points. If she is 20 points, she is KO'd when she crosses the red KO line.


The World Needs to Know All the Shocking Details...Full Coverage at 8:
At the beginning of your turn, you may choose an opposing character within 4 squares and line of fire. Until your next turn, that character's combat values can't be increased or replaced with a value higher than its printed values.

Insect Queen Wings!: Lana Lang can use Super Senses and Toughness, and has ''wing speed symbol''.

  • Collector's number: 029
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Team Ability: DC Unaffiliated
  • Point Value: 50/20
  • Powers: Sidestep, Charge, Flurry, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Poison, Empower
  • Keywords: Legion of Super Heroes, Metropolis,┬áReporter
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