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Clark Kent (SMWW):


The World Needs to Know Your Plans:
At the beginning of your turn, you may choose an opposing character within 4 squares and line of fire. Until your next turn, that character can't be given power actions.


Superman Was Here? Where?:
Give Clark Kent a power action and place adjacent a Superman bystander token as described on this card. Immediately give that bystander token an action, then remove it from the game after that action resolves.

  • Collector's number: 026
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Team Ability: Superman Ally
  • Point Value: 55
  • Powers: Stealth, Force Blast, Toughness, Super Senses, Probability Control, Outwit
  • Keywords: Kryptonian, Metropolis,┬áReporter
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