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Ultron (Phalanx Drone) figure image: click to enlarge

Ultron (Phalanx Drone):


I Am More Than Your Cities:
Improved Targeting: Ignores Elevated Terrain

Autonomous or Drone Mode: Ultron costs 120 points, or costs 30 points and begins on the click #1 after the orange KO. Until KO'd, Ultron is considered 120 points.

Basic Programming: When Ultron has no action tokens, its actions don't count against your action total. When Ultron begins or ends a non-free action adjacent to a friendly character whose name includes Ultron, it can use Willpower that action.


Teleport Flare:
Ultron can use Phasing/Teleport. When he uses Phasing/Teleport, he may use the Carry ability to carry up to 4 characters with the Robot keyword and doesn't modify his speed value.

  • Collector's number: 055b
  • Rarity: Chase
  • Team Ability: Marvel Unaffiliated
  • Point Value: 120/30
  • Powers: Sidestep, Mind Control, Pulse Wave, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Invulnerability, Invincible, Impervious, Regeneration, Enhancement, Empower
  • Keywords: Cosmic, Robot, Ruler, Soldier
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