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Dissolve Your Pathetic Brains From Within!:
Ultron-7 can use Pulse Wave. When he does, after actions resolve, place an Impairment token on the character card of each hit character that doesn't have the Robot keyword. Opposing characters reduce their speed, attack, and range values by -1 for each Impairment token on their card as long as Ultron-7 is on the map, even if this power is lost.

Hatred of the Horde: Ultron-7 can use Battle Fury and Leadership. Opposing characters that are adjacent to a character friendly to your force can't use Outwit, Perplex, or Probability Control.

  • Collector's number: 053a
  • Rarity: Chase
  • Team Ability: Marvel Unaffiliated
  • Point Value: 150
  • Powers: Charge, Running Shot, Sidestep, Super Strength, Impervious, Invulnerability, Super Senses, Perplex, Close Combat Expert
  • Keywords: Inhumans, Robot
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