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Ultron-5 (AoU):


The Crimson Cowl is...Jarvis?:
Ultron-5 can use Shape Change and modifies his result by +1 for each adjacent opposing character, to a maximum of +2.

Knockout Gas Gun: Ultron-5 can use Smoke Cloud. At the beginning of your turn, as markers are removed, deal each opposing character occupying a square with one of these markers 1 damage and give them an action token.

Organizer of the Masters of Evil: Ultron-5 can use Leadership. When he uses Leadership, friendly characters with the Masters of Evil keyword are considered to be fewer points than Ultron-5 and he may place a friendly character within 8 squares and with the Masters of Evil keyword adjacent to him before rolling the d6.

  • Collector's number: 041a
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Team Ability: Masters of Evil
  • Point Value: 120
  • Powers: Stealth, Super Strength, Invulnerability, Toughness, Exploit Weakness
  • Keywords: Masters of Evil, Robot
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