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DJ with a disc and a disc case:

"You haven't heard anything yet!"

The DJ is the number-one disc jockey in town. Call in with a request for a song, a band or a style of music and he'll not only play it, but tell you everything you could want to know about it, too. Even though he lives in the era of CDs and MP3s, he's got a deep love for classic rock 'n roll on vinyl, and even keeps complete collections of some of his favorite artists on his shelves at home.

The DJ's favorite fellow minifigure is the Disco Dude. They may not share all of the same musical tastes, but he's got to admit that the guy really knows how to dance. That's why he's seriously considering launching a disco hour on his show ' at least on a trial basis!

  • Number: 12
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Figure
  • Strength: 2
  • Creativity: 4
  • Speed: 3
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