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Nightcrawler (WoS) (Ben Cheung variant) figure image: click to enlarge

Nightcrawler (WoS) (Ben Cheung variant):

Quoted from Wizkid's Justin Ziran:

"Last year's world champ, Ben, designed the piece Nightcrawler. The plaque on the back of the brick wall was submitted as "2008 HeroClix World Champion Benjamin Cheung" - Marvel asked us to remove and replace with Xavier Institute of Higher Learning (or something close). We lobbied the Marvel licensing department hard and they graciously allowed us to use our original plaque copy on 1 out of 10 of the Nightcrawler figures. Everything else is the same, just the plaque.

It's not what we originally envisioned, but it certainly allowed us to pay a fitting tribute to Ben, the '08 HC World Champ."

  • Collector's number: 047v
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Team Ability: X-Men
  • Point Value: 86
  • Keywords: Excalicur, Martial Artist, X-Men
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