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Fleet Challenge Ideas

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Subject: Fleet Challenge Ideas   PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:14 am Reply with quote

Fleet Challenge Ideas

This includes what we have not yet done from this post. If you have any ideas for fleet challenges that you wouldn't mind other people running, feel free to post them in this thread and I can add them to the list. If you have an idea for a challenge but you want to be the one to host it, it might be best to keep it under wraps until the time comes. (I can remove ideas from this list if you request it) You could also ask the author of the idea if it's okay for you to run their idea as a challenge.

The Fleet Challenge Archives sticky thread has information and oftentimes links to past challenges.

I have reordered things a bit based on the ideas and recent challenges, and I added some of my own comments where I thought they would be useful.

Treasure Hunt
Description: Three specific UTs need to be collected and taken to your home island
Author: lightningflash
-Could make it the 4 "special" Frozen North coins, possibly in an FN or Viking-themed game. (or multiplayer free-for-all where players try to steal the 4 tokens from a large Viking NPC/host fleet)

Description: The Pirate Code/FAQ and all official rulings that have ever been made are ignored. The printed rule sheets are the only rules that count.
Author: Woelf

Cursed Seas Storyline
Description: A challenge using pieces only from Cursed Seas, with the backstory of battling El Fantasma and Sammy the Skull.
Author: captain_vendari

Hunt for ______
Description: Something along the lines of that "Hunt for Captain Nemo" challenge, with set, specialized rules. Possibly a scenario where you have to evacuate a governor from his doomed colony which is about to be invaded and then get to the edge of the map.
Author: lord_denton

What's In A Name?
Description: The task would be to assemble a fleet of ships whose names are all connected in some way. Like the "Foxes of DJC" fleet - all ships have the word "Fox" in their name.
Author: lord_denton

Single-Set, Single-Nation Challenge
Description: A challenge using items from only one set, with single-nation fleets.
Author: lord_denton
-Similar to SEPFC. Similar to some others, try to avoid duplication of previous ideas (sets in this case). Would be fun to try with SS/RtSS.

Hunt for the Red October
Description: Similar to Odd-Ball from Halo, as players try to capture the Nautilus and control it for the longest amount of time within a set turn limit.
Author: cagecrasher

Whitebeard's Marauders
Description: Sleigh starts with 8 oarsmen. Players must capture as many as possible and return them to their home islands.
Author: cagecrasher

Description: Mini fleets of only 20 or 25 points.
Author: lord_denton
-Too similar to "In Search of El Dorado" or Golden Nautilus I? Could use more interesting restrictions, unless maybe at a tiny limit of ~10 points.

Description: Treasure runners have to become gunships and warships have to gather treasure.
Author: cannonfury
-Too similar to the Lipstick on a Pig Challenge?

9-Mast Challenge
Description: Point costs are ignored; each fleet gets a total of 9 masts and 5 crew. Each player can choose one "exception" for their fleet from a list of options.
Author: captain_vendari (original idea by Cadet-Captain Mike)

Random Set-Up Tables
Description: At the outset of the challenge, roll dice to determine which result to use for the challenge setup rules.
Author: Cadet-Captain Mike (indirectly)
-This could be done many times over - just make sure to consult with the previous iteration(s) to avoid duplication.

Barbary Corsair Deathmatch
Description: Deathmatch using Corsairs, with a smaller point limit (40-60).
Author: lord_denton

Description: A challenge based around Vikings, probably in the 50-60 point range.
Author: lord_denton

Mysterious Islands
Description: A challenge based around the use of Mysterious Islands, especially the newer ones from Savage Shores.
Author: lord_denton

Description: A challenge using lots of icebergs, to promote use of Icebreaker ships.
Author: lord_denton
-1 faction per entry? Allow custom icebreakers? Predetermined setup/map including relevant Runes UT's?

Pyro Challenge
Description: Design the strongest fleet built around fire-based weapons.
Author: lord_denton
-Probably a deathmatch?

Tri-National Fleets
Description: Fleets must contain exactly three nations
Author: captain_vendari

Fort Challenge
Description: Design fleets to build as many forts as possible. Likely using generic forts (four 3S cannons?).
Author: a7xfanben
-Too similar to Sea Board Dominance?

Silver Fleet
Description: Build a fleet with at least one Silver Explorer
Author: captain_vendari
-Too basic? Could require at least two Silver Explorers, or the use of Dry Powder silver-backed coins/etc.

Description: A challenge using ships/crew/etc. of one rarity level only. Similar to the Common challenge done previously.
Author: a7xfanben (original idea by relvar99)
-Rarities remaining: Rare, and likely a conglomerate of SR/SE/LE/PR.

Description: A challenge using non-Wizkids game pieces made by custom creators.
Author: xerecs
-Due to limited interest, it would probably be best to wait a while and/or until there is more interest in custom game pieces (for Fleet Challenges that is). Possible rules could include not being able to use any game pieces submitted in a past Customs Fleet Challenge, and/or requiring everything except generic crew in each fleet to be a custom game piece.

Past Challenges Yet to be Run

Revolutions Challenge by chasseur85
Description: Extremely complicated challenge that may need a total rework to be feasible.
Author: chasseur85

Two Mast Tuesday Challenge by Unknown/Ziotoo4
Description: 100 point deathmatch using only 2 masted ships.
Author: Unknown, apparently not (?) resumed in full by ziotoo4

Feel free to contribute your own ideas! We definitely won't run out of ideas for LONG time! Very Happy

Check out my fansite at Pirates with Ben!
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