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Ranking: Spanish Gold Runners

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Subject: Ranking: Spanish Gold Runners   PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:19 am Reply with quote

After last week's debate, let's see if we can start an even better one here! Very Happy

Top 10 Spanish Gold Runners:

1. La Monarca

This is one of the most classic gold runners in the game, combining great speed and cargo space with a gold runner friendly ability. Her point cost is relatively fair, making her fantastic but not outright broken.

2. La Santa Isabel

The Santa Isabel is one of Spain's best all-around ships. Her speed, cargo space and extremely valuable +2 ability make her better suited to treasure running. Her guns are serviceable, however, so put a captain and explorer on her and she'll be a perfect hybrid ship.

3. La Joya del Sol

With the biggest non-10 master cargo hold in the game, the Joya del Sol has appeared in countless fleets since the very beginning of the game. Her speed and guns leave a bit to be desired, but 8 cargo spaces is ridiculous. With as many as 6 spaces available for gold even after adding a helmsman and explorer, the Joya can easily hit at least two wild islands per trip. In addition, her size and boarding ability make her ideal for fending off attacks, not to mention attacking enemy treasure runners and stealing their gold.

4. El Alquimista/San Pedro

These ships are almost exactly the same. The junior version of the Santa Isabel, both of these ships are ideal for grabbing gold. With an explorer they'll have 3 spaces left over, and even with a captain (since they're medium size and have decent guns) they'll have 2. Great ships in every way.

5. El San Jose

Rounding out the three super-ships from RV, this Spaniard is your typical gold runner. Her trading treasure ability helps her avoid negative UT's and makes her even more perfect for the role of gathering gold.

6. Native Canoes

These could be ranked higher although I feel that their fragility and relatively low speed hold them back a little bit. They are a great addition to any Spanish fleet and the +1 ability (up to +5) makes them one of Spain's best options for treasure.

7. Morning Star

I wasn't going to include this ship at first, but her durability and very low point cost (cheapest 5 master in the game) give her the advantage. With a helmsman and explorer she'll cost 12 points and be moving S+S+S with room for 4 coins, comparable to the Aberdeen Baron.

8. Buscador

This is one of those rare Hoist ships. All of them are quite interesting, to say the least. This is the cheapest one, but she still has 7 cargo spaces! Even with 6 after adding a helmsman, this ship is a wonderful option for the Spanish to have. Her second ability isn't likely to be used much, but it could help her in a pinch.

9. La Santa Ana

This ship would be famous if not for the Joya del Sol. Alas, nobody really ever uses her. This is one of the best large treasure runners out there.

10. El San Francisco

This was a tough fight for the last spot (see my other picks below). In the end I went with the middle option. The San Francisco is a great overall ship whether you put a captain, helmsman, explorer, or any combination of the three on board. One of my favorite Spanish ships.

Very close to being in the top 10: Virtuous Wind, La Rosario

Other honorable mentions (in no particular order): Francesca, Santa Lucia, La Espada de Dios, El Cervantes, El Martillo de Dios, El Raton, El Hambre, La Manila, La Saragoza, San Theodora, El Afortunado, El Algeciras, San Leandro, Cazador del Pirata, L'Aguila, Pescados de Plata, Concepcion, Magdalena, San Cristobal, San Cristobal, Intermediaro, Valeroso
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:59 am Reply with quote

Nothing much to debate this time around.

The only changes I'd make would be to drop Buscador to the "very close" category, and then bump Intermediaro up to #10 spot.

Buscador is a good ship, but is still kind of expensive and is just a little on the slow side compared to others on the list. That ability would be much more useful if it was triggered by friendly ships rather than opposing ships so you could use it several times per game rather than just once or twice if you're lucky.

Intermediario is expensive and can't really run treasure on its own, but gets the nod for sheer utility alone. Matched up with a few other ships (ideally canoes) the ability to pluck treasure from island (even forts!) and drop it on nearby ships can be incredibly powerful.
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