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Battle Report from 12/18

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Subject: Battle Report from 12/18   PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:22 am Reply with quote

Hey everyone! I wanted to drop a BR from a game my group and I did a couple weeks ago! We played a scenario that one of our players wanted to do called "The Bermuda Triangle." Here's what that meant. At the end, I'll say how it went and what I'd suggest in the future for it.

Bermuda Triangle

- Fog and Whirlpools would be plenty
- Every time you enter a fog bank, roll a D6. On 4-6, you get to choose what fog bank you come out of as if exited fog per normal. On 1-3, the player to your right chooses which you come out of.
- In the center of the table is a whirlpool on which one random sea monster / kraken / titan starts on. This is an 'NPC' factionless sea monster.
- Once per round (after all players have gone,) roll a D6. On a 6, another random creature spawns from the central whirlpool.
- Every player, on the start of their turn, rolls a D6 and references the 'Weather Gauge' (which can be found on this site.) Move all NPC sea creatures their movement value in that direction.
- All sea creatures are considered to have the ability of a Captain crew. Otherwise, they function as per normal.
- If, at the end of their movement, the sea creature can make attacks, they so do.
- If they can attack multiple ships, they do so by splitting their attacks as evenly as possible, with the closest ship getting the greater value if need be.
- If a sea creature pins a ship, they do not move each turn, and instead attack until that ship is destroyed.
- A sea creature will attack derelict ships until destroyed.
- Sea creatures ignore terrain when moving.
- Sea creatures ignore the Weather Gauge.
- All other multiplayer rules pertain.

We played with 6 players, it was a big night for us, and had a blast. It pretty early on became obvious that having the sea creatures move and attack every single turn made them extremely powerful, and had a good laugh at the fact that they acquired most of the kills of the game. Still, clever sailing kept you alive, and those who were smart about it got the gold and the win.

We will definitely be playing this in the future, as it was just hysterical to play against out opponents AND the creatures, and look forward to seeing how some rules changes will help the game along. The rules changes we are considering would be:

- Make the sea creatures only move once every 2 turns (for 4 or more player games.)


- Take 'Captain' away from the sea creature.

We figure that once every round would make the creatures useless, since they have random movement, and that taking away captain will be good since their shooting would be compromised so heavily. We'll let everyone know what happens if we do it again. Very Happy

The Opening Setup

Our Looming Center of the Triangle

The First Aggressive Move into Enemy Territory

The First Shots - The Schooner is Leveled with the Opening Salvo. The Smaller is Made Derelict One Turn Later

This is Midway Through

Another Midway Shot

I Bit Off a Bit More Than I Could Chew Here, Sending the Pearl Into a Heavily Outnumbered Fight. The 5 Master in the Backround was Taken Down to One Mast on Opening Salvo, but I Miscalculated The Speed of that Schooner - Didn't Realize the SAT Crew was on It

You Can See Maxhebel (IIRC) Looming Here to Come Get Into This Action.

Maxhebel's Finished Off the 5-Masted US Ship. She'll Eventually Move in to Take All Four Ships Out There

Here's One of the Ships Trying Out Their Luck in the Fog

Here's Some Crab Destruction

The Sea Monsters Wrecking Face

Crab With One Crab Victim, and One Other Derelict

They Were Terrifying, the Sea Creatures

Look at Their Evil Eyes

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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:37 pm Reply with quote

Interesting, definitely a different Bermuda Triangle scenario than the one I'm familiar with. Where did you find it?

What is this "Weather Gauge" you speak of? I'm assuming it's just a wind directional thing that moves the sea creatures only, but it's best to provide links so people aren't confused.

Does the land piece at the center of the triangle rotate with the weather gauge? It seems like the players who face the open part of the whirlpool would be at a disadvantage. (unless you're treating that chunk as terrain)

I enjoyed the report, but I'm confused about who was who, what the general fleets were, what the build total was, and who even won. Also, I was confused by the constant capitalizing of letters in the captions.

Future games can go in the Battle Reports thread. I don't even mind if you repost it there now, but that thread exists for a reason - so we don't have random BR's all over the place.
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