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Battle Reports
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2015 6:57 am Reply with quote

That is awesome! Nice pictures, as always, I really like the lagoon concept. My one issue is the accessibility to submersible ships only, but that's because I don't have any. Crying or Very sad Hopefully we dont run over each other with reports on our massive games, I finally got around to editing the rules I'm going to use for it, which can be found here.
Anywho, looking forward to the coming reports, can't wait! Smile
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2015 9:17 pm Reply with quote

xerecs wrote:
That is awesome! Nice pictures, as always, I really like the lagoon concept. My one issue is the accessibility to submersible ships only, but that's because I don't have any. Crying or Very sad Hopefully we dont run over each other with reports on our massive games, I finally got around to editing the rules I'm going to use for it, which can be found here.
Anywho, looking forward to the coming reports, can't wait! Smile

Thanks! I've been planning and organizing it for a while, so it's great to finally get things started.

I wanted to massively incentivize using submarines (and therefore the Mercs, one of the privateer factions) and sea monsters. Time will tell if I make the lagoon even more important and alluring than it already is. I may have some tricks up my sleeve. Cool

Your ruleset looked awesome - it's great to have that and my game show up since the forum went a few days without anyone posting.

I don't think there will be too much overlap between our reports since you might not start until late July. We could always make separate threads and then have someone copy their entire report into this thread when the game ends.

By the way, the game has started, and things are rapidly expanding!

As a side note, ships aren't rerolling for the initial resource if they have an explorer. I forgot to do this during the first few turns, and anyway I don't want islands that all produce the same few resources based on the first rolls of the d6 and d12 (two d6 rolled at once).
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2015 9:48 pm Reply with quote

Tricks up your sleeve? Cant wait to see those, and the pics tat go with. I did a reality check earlier, and I might not be able to get my game going until August, but I'll wait and see what happens.
As for a seperate thread for our reports, possibly. It sounds like a solid idea Idea
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Joined: 27 Jun 2011
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Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:34 am Reply with quote

The first 11 turns have been played! The game has quickly gone from the starting 40 point fleets to massive fleets that are growing exponentially at rapid rates. This is the ONLY time I will be able to play this many turns in one day, mostly because it was the start of the game. From here on out I'm only expecting to play one or two turns per day.

A few things to note before I go into the actual battle report:

- Return to Savage Shores, Cadet-Captain Mike's set, and my own custom set (Pirates of the Age of Sail) are all available for this game. However, due to the fact that there are so many new game pieces I haven't used and there will be more coming in mid-game from ongoing trades, it is likely that very few of these pieces will make it into the game as proxies.

- There is a document on BGG that details custom house rules, and the ones for shipwrights I liked. A ship docked at its home island (HI) can repair two masts per turn if it has a shipwright on board. Also, shipwrights can repair forts after they've been stationed at the fort. Shipwrights can only repair one flag per turn and the fort cannot shoot while repairing.

- I have already begun to run out of helmsmen. Since I don't use musketeers and cannoneers very often, these two generic crew will proxy as helmsmen for the duration of the game, unless noted otherwise. Therefore, if you see a musketeer or cannoneer on an island or fort, that crew is very likely a helmsman in reality.

- As I mentioned in my above post, ships with explorers are not rerolling for the initial resource die roll when they explore an island.

- You'll see mysterious islands in the pictures, but their effects are not being used at all. They are not a good fit for this game.

- Island upgrades are represented through tokens from the RISK board game, which serve no other purpose in the game. Infantry units represent settlements, cavalry units represent trading ports, and artillery units represent military ports. As with regular games, a nation's pennant flags represent the encampments in Economy.

- Resources are always placed face up, whether they are on a ship (on the deckplate or in the water for simplicity) or on a home island. Gold is always placed face down, whether on a ship or on a wild island or home island. I've already forgotten to keep resources face up, but this system makes it easier to play the game. In this way, resources may be kept face up on the home island for fleets waiting for the resource values to change, but it's a gamble to not cash in since the resource value could go even lower.

This is a very interesting part of the strategy that I didn't think of until soon after the game started. It's generally advantageous to cash in your resources immediately since you don't want to get behind in the arms race, but depending on the number of turns left until the resource values change, fleets may want to wait and see if their market values increase with the new die rolls. Also, resource values may change while a ship is carrying them home, which makes for interesting strategy decisions and movement measurements! I absolutely love the resource system so far.

Now, onto the game!

With great excitement and anticipation, the first resource value die was rolled, which came up a 5. Fish were king, with Spices almost worthless. Two d6 were rolled to determine how long these values would hold, with the first 6 turns being the answer. Since it was the very beginning of the game, these 6 turns would pass much quicker than others, but it still gave fleets enough time to get some resources home before the values changed.

With such a large game that has no length or point limit attached to it, none of the fleets wanted to make an enemy early in the game. The fleets have focused on treasure running, or in this case you could call it resource gathering (resourcing?).

The beautiful Maui's Fishhook was given the first action of the game, setting the long-anticipated Economy Edition game in motion!

The English take off and scatter in different directions. Most games aren't ideal for ships with the Kirkwall's ability, but with so many islands and such a large ocean, the English decided to take a stab at the long-failed strategy of marking islands explored. For this game, marking the island explored doesn't result in rolling for the resource type, which happens when docking or during an actual explore action.

In my opinion the prettiest ship in the game, the Maui's Fishhook:

Turn one of infinity:

The MF (Maui's Fishhook) grabs some textiles from an island just north of the arch:

The Celestine, with Master Scribe aboard, has already begun dropping trade currents to help out her Cursed comrades. Sadly I still don't have any SS islands, so the backs of original SM islands are used as trade currents.

The southwest portion of the sea:

The Kirkwall was able to mark 4 wild islands explored for the English, although they're still making their way towards three of them.

The Eroica and Hessian are the first ships of different fleets to dock at the same wild island, but they're too greedy for gold to fight!

The Pirates fared extremely well on their resource rolls, with one island producing fish and another producing metal, worth 6 and 5 gold respectively.

The American Native Canoes zip home as the Wasp journeys to a new island.

HMS Swiftsure had the honor of being the first ship to be launched. Times like these make me wonder if ANY of the ships that started the game will be there at the conclusion...

The Franco-Spanish (FS) brought home spices, but since they were only worth 1 gold apiece, decided to leave them on their home island for the time being.

Master Scribe and his ship (the Celestine) have been busy, giving the Cursed a much-needed speed boost to get them out of the gate quickly. The Sea Duck and Hades' Realm are new additions to the fleet.

Up until this point, the most common resource was textiles with a die roll of 2. There was a considerable amount of luxuries and metals available, with lumber and fish being the rarest resources.

The Americans were disappointed to find a lot of luxuries, which quickly piled up on their home island. Desperate for more ships, they launched the USS Sea Tiger and Devil Ray, the latter of which was the first ship launched that could access the lagoon. Since privateer nations (like the Mercenaries) can only be purchased at a trading port, this purchase of the Devil Ray was in error, but the Americans would pay for it later once I realized the mistake, as you'll see later in the report.

After a handful of turns, the fleets have reached a reasonable size. The Pirates have launched the Rum Runner and Seref, among others.

The MF approaches the arch as the Americans sail out to gather more resources:

At this point, 6 turns had been completed, which meant that the dice would be rolled for the first in-game value change! All the fleets held their breath, with even more anticipation than during the opening roll:

Wow! The one signifies that all resources are worth the same as their numbered value (ex: lumber is numbered at 1 and now worth 1 gold), which makes it very easy since there is no exchange rate to worry about. Perhaps even more importantly, these values would hold for 11 turns, only one off the max of 12 from rolling two d6! This marked a major shift in the game, as the Americans and FS benefited greatly with their stockpiles of now-valuable resources. This changed everything, and with fleets getting bigger every turn, the game started to slow down considerably as each fleet's turn got longer and longer. With such a long duration of 11 turns, this phase of the game would be long enough to plot strategies around.

The MF rounds the arch in pursuit of good-old gold:

The Franco-Spanish rejoice as their spices and luxuries are finally worth cashing in! The Buscador, Matthias Vospero, Rosario, and Rochefort are built in short order.

With a stack of 10 luxuries whose total value increased from 20 to 60 with a roll of the dice, the Americans were suddenly swimming in gold! Eager to set up the long-awaited chain system, two additional sets of native canoes were launched along with the USS Albany, Harlequin, and Fly. With a nearby island producing precious luxuries, the Americans looked to be in great shape for the time being.

(As a side note, these 15 canoes are all I have for the Americans, but if anyone has extras that they'd be willing to part with, I'd gladly pay shipping for them! I'm hoarding canoes for huge games like this, but I really need more American canoes.)

The arch has finally been explored! The MF reached over on her way through the tallest archway and picked up some of the supercoins placed on the low point of the arch, which is the only spot where ships can dock and pick up gold on the arch.

A rather fantastic shot of the MF picking up shiny silver coins with her shiny silver crane:

A view through the northernmost archway:

A great shot of the other two archways, with the MF about to sail on through:

Perhaps the best picture yet, you can tell I'm really stoked about this arch thing! This picture also shows the relatively large size of the structure.

A busy FS HI sees many arrivals and departures:

The Pirates have launched a new flagship, the Foresight. The values of their nearby resources (fish and metals) dropped on turn 7, but they're still producing a healthy stream of gold.

An awesome shot of the Devil Ray sneaking into the deserted, untouched lagoon and the massive mother lode waiting inside:

Now you can see why I need more canoes! The Americans are the first to receive a home island expansion, which I knew would be inevitable with such fast-growing fleets. The newly launched Paul Revere and Black Bear carry the first island upgrade tokens.

It started in 2011 with my first documented game, continued with volt's Chain of Fools fleet, and now is developing in Economy Edition: the chain-exploring system.

The MF leaves the ominous archways behind, with a cargo hold full of some of the most valuable coins ever discovered:

The Buscador transfers treasure from the island...

... to the Marseillais.

Shocked and awed, the hired Mercenaries aboard the Devil Ray find themselves in paradise:

After seeing such mountains of gold in the lagoon, the Americans eagerly summon Champ to protect it. He'e is also called to action, but for a different purpose in mind: watching over the arch.

Not a declaration of war or open hostility, but the establishment of an American settlement on an island previously explored by the MF shows the game is accelerating.

The beauty of chain-exploring, with the Devil Ray's coins being transferred home almost immediately upon her surfacing just outside the lagoon.

Around this time during the game I realized that the Americans had hired the Devil Ray and her Mercenary helmsman without having a trading port. Privateer nations (the minor factions) are only to be hired at trading ports. Since the error was relatively major, with the Devil Ray being the first ship in the lagoon and the first submarine introduced, the Americans would have to pay a steep penalty. For every turn that the Devil Ray was afloat, the Americans had to pay the cost of the ship and any crew assigned to her every turn. The Americans immediately let go of the Devil Ray, removing her from the game. They used the gold from luxuries and the Devil Ray's own shiny gold 4 (worth 8 gold) to pay off the whopping 60 gold that resulted from the Devil Ray's 5 turns in play (10 points from the ship + 2 from the helmsman = 12 gold * 5 turns = 60 total gold cost). As a result, the Americans actually lost money on the fiasco, although they did learn what the lagoon held and still have the only encampment within the lagoon.

The Celestine and Sea Duck approach an island in the middle of the sea, until noticing the Albany, Harlequin and two canoes sail around the other side. The submerged Pyre is visible, hinting that the Cursed are the second fleet to have designs on the lagoon.

I can't get enough of this ship! The Maui's Fishhook, with the afternoon sun glinting off her shiny hoist arm.

What did the Maui's Fishhook bring back? With four cargo spaces available after her helmsman, her haul from the arch included a shiny 4, two shiny silver 2's and a shiny silver 4. If you didn't read the introductory post, shiny gold is worth twice its printed value and shiny silver is worth three times its printed value. In this way the MF brought home 32 gold on four coins!

Almost the entire Franco-Spanish fleet, with a HI expansion necessary. They spent a current-record 94 gold on turn 11. The Trinity and St. Denis highlight the additions, along with three island upgrade tokens.

Worried by the Americans' apparent hostility, the English have no choice but to defend themselves and their interests, launching the HMS Pacificum and HMS Raven.

The Pirates had a field day on turn 11 as well, launching the Lady Newport, Ranger, Splinter, Pearl, and Cutlass.

The Americans load spices from an island made by rossinaz:

The Celestine rolled a few 1's in a row, eliminating a few trade currents. However, turn 11 saw them replaced by a doubly successful roll on both the Celestine's ability and Master Scribe's navigator ability. The Cursed appear to have a serious interest in the lagoon, as they've launched their second submarine, the Locker. The Cursed have slowed their expansion as the islands nearest their HI produce textiles and metals, which aren't all that valuable at the current time.

This is where things stand after 11 turns! You can see how crowded the home islands are becoming, with new ships being put in the water every turn by almost every fleet. The Americans, Pirates, and Franco-Spanish have the biggest fleets, but the English and Cursed have also done well.

What a great start to such a huge endeavour! As I said previously, this is the only day where this many turns will be completed. I won't be able to play every day, and even when I do play it will likely be about a turn or two at once. I can't wait to see how things develop!

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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:08 am Reply with quote

I can't wait to see how things develop!

Neither can I!! This looks amazing, excellence all around! I'm rooting for the Cursed, especially since you've launched Hades Realm, a favorite of mine that I see as a hybrid ship. I'm just recalling that they were due to get a really good gold runner in RtSS, I hope to see that and the eventual launch of a ten master. The Delusion might lend itself well to a game like this, if it can stay out of trouble. Laughing
I will definitely have to try a game like this at some point. Looking forward to the next one! Cool
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Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:47 am Reply with quote

A few more notes before I go into what happened today (6/1):

- Forts, flotillas, and native canoes can be used as many times as fleets want to use them, and fleets are allowed to use duplicates of these game pieces at the same time.

- Ships with the same name that have different stats, regardless of the flavor text and whether or not they are technically the same ship, are allowed to be in play at the same time (like the USS James Madison and USS James Madison).

- As far as the arch goes, building a fort on the arch does not function like the regular rules for forts. The gold on the bottom part of the arch does not automatically get placed inside the fort, and the gold at the bottom of the arch is still available to ships that dock there. Also, if a fort is built on the arch, the fort's cannon ranges are measured from any point on the TOP of the arch, rather than from the flags of the fort or any point on the arch. Measuring from the flags makes the fort less effective but allowing measurement from any point of the arch makes the fort too effective. Also, forts cannot be built on the island inside the lagoon, and needless to say forts also cannot be built on the wreck of the Duke. Islands that produce resources are the only islands on which forts function normally, although just like in the ruleset they don't produce resources on the island after they're built.

I was able to play three turns, 12-14. Things are constantly progressing and the strategy aspects are beginning to take on a more important role now that fleets have a consistent supply of resources coming in almost every turn.

The English fleet, with the Pacificum headed west towards the island that the Americans established a settlement on. HMS Diamond and HMS Galway have joined the ranks.

The Fly has explored the arch for the Americans, and they have quickly made their presence known by building Thompson's Island atop it! It's great to see the arch being used to full effect, as building a fort on it was one of the things I was most looking forward to.

The Paul Revere has turned around as the Pacificum approaches. The fort has the high ground but a limited firing range.

I didn't realize how dark this one turned out, but beyond their new fort the Americans have launched USS Shark, USS Atlanta, USS James Madison and the Minuteman. This completes their pile of relatively new stuff that I haven't put into my binders yet.

The Celestine and Master Scribe have been busy laying trade currents, hoping that the Rum Runner won't become hostile.

The Sea Rat and Hades' Realm head east towards unexplored islands and the shipwrecked Duke.

The hostilities have commenced! The first combat of the game wasn't a shoot action, but true to the Economy focus of the game, was a boarding attack against a settlement! The Pacificum easily won the action, changing the settlement from American to English (it's still American in the picture - the English units are red).

The Paul Revere immediately swung her bow to starboard and approached the Pacificum with loaded guns. With the first shoot action of the game, the Americans got revenge on the English by taking off two masts! Deciding it would be easy to recapture the colony later, the Revere also successfully S-boarded the Pacificum (who therefore couldn't use her +1 boarding bonus), killing her oarsman and taking two textiles!

The St. Denis gives the Franco-Spanish their first settlement:

Looking north towards the busy American home island:

With the sun setting on turn 13, the Pirates struggle to find enough water for all their ships:

The Rum Runner slips past the Celestine, whose Cursed submarines Pyre and Locker are in the lagoon. The American sea monster Champ is in the lagoon with the Locker, but without the ability to move and shoot and no way to attack the Locker while she's submerged, it looks like a stalemate.

Desperate to catch up in the arms race, the Cursed launch the Sskwa'aluk, an SE windcatcher from Return to Savage Shores.


Points: 13
Masts: 3 (Windcatcher)
Cargo: 5
Move: L+S
Cannons: 5L-5L-5L

Ability: Wind Catcher. On the turn this ship is pinned, eliminate one crew and one mast from the rammed ship.

Flavor: Crewed entirely by Trogs, this foul vessel actually carries a coral nest beneath her hull. What lives within the nest is known only to the Trogs—and the captives who are lowered into the hull as food.

I had to include that flavor text just because it's so disturbing! I don't know if I'm going to refer to this ship by name during the report. I'll probably just call it Skwaluck (how I pronounce it) or SK for short. Either way, she's being represented by the Ghost Walker. I would use the Mystic, but the Pirates may want to use that ship at some point...

The Cursed also launched the Nightmare.

The English head east. The MF and Galway find luxuries and textiles (still the most common resources in the game) respectively, on islands marked explored by the Kirkwall. The Raven is sailing towards the easternmost island, which is just north of the Duke wreck.

The Pirates launched the Rising Sun and crewed her with Le Requin, Coconut, Bootstrap Bill Turner and an oarsman, hoping to quickly get her out to the Duke before other fleets and use her ability to get the gold home automatically rather than waiting to bring it back. A twist on the UPS strategy, using the Rising Sun instead of Captain Jack Sparrow. The Jolly Mon was camped out at home with some spare oarsmen.

However, the Hades' Realm also appears to be sailing towards the wreck of the Duke...

The Cutlass had brought the Pirates' first island upgrade to an island that the Cursed and the Pirates had explored, a situation very similar to the one up north between the Americans and English. The Cursed didn't have any ships near the Cutlass, but it didn't take long to find out whether this situation would escalate as well.

Using yet another trade current from the Celestine, the Hades' Realm moved S+L+S to rake the bow of the Rising Sun, who had just emerged from a whirlpool. The Rising Sun only lost her mizzenmast, but the Cursed had been angered by the settlement established by the Cutlass.

The Pyre was quick to follow suit, coming out of the lagoon and ramming the Princess, though the ram was unsuccessful.

Champ makes a move, desperate for some kind of action. The Locker surfaces and moves out of range, loading gold before she will inevitably submerge next turn. The lagoon's island may replenish itself in the near future.

Most of the ocean, looking west to east. You can see it's generally easier to load resources into the water next to the ship carrying them than place them on the deckplates each time.

The Paul Revere was unsuccessful when trying to recapture the English settlement via S-boarding. He'e moves into position to guard the arch, while the glint of the MF's hoist arm is visible to the east.

The ocean has become considerably more crowded, and although you can't see them here, some trading port and military port upgrades have been purchased, though they haven't been unloaded to the islands yet.

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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:54 am Reply with quote

Yay! More cursed pieces!! Can't wait for the next report. Very Happy
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:38 am Reply with quote

Only one turn was played today, 6/2. This was partly because over 300 points worth of stuff was introduced.

By the way, the islands made by rossinaz can only be docked at on the beach part, not at the taller rocky part (similar to the arch).

I didn't think it would happen after only a few days, but some debris and dust has already begun accumulating on the sheet. Unfortunately there's no way to wash or vacuum the sheet without permanently wrecking the entire game, but I'd like to think of it as the random junk that floats in the ocean, especially once chunks of wood and sails are taken off ships in combat.

The English, a little surprised at the bite shown by the Americans to the west, launched HMS Serapis and HMS Resistance, as well as the HMS Rose and HMS Blazer as potential resource runners.

Turn 15 was mostly about the spending. The Franco-Spanish took in a new record 117 gold during the turn, which they immediately used on a bunch of new stuff.

The San Cristobal was assembled, and turn 16 will be the first time I use such a legendary ship. She's crewed with Victor de Alva, a helmsman, explorer, and oarsman, which is a perfect crew setup for what the FS want her to do.

Hinting at a potential interest in the lagoon, the French also bought the Tepant and crewed her with Jules Arnaud, who would help the Lurker Dessous move up to L+L+S in a turn.

The FS also built the Nox and La Moulin Rouge with captains and helmsmen. Soon I'll be running out of generic captains as well! The FS also purchased some island upgrades, which you'll see come into play soon.

The new additions to the FS fleet join their comrades who brought back the resources used to purchase them:

The USS Shark has brought William Eaton to the arch, where he will be able to move around the arch (with his rock-climbing skills!) and fire from any point of it. Right now he's stationed atop the lowest archway, near Thompson's Island (Thompson's Archway?). This shows the Americans have a very serious interest in the arch, with multiple layers of defence now guarding it including He'e and USS Atlanta towing the Minuteman in addition to the ground defence.

In the distance, you can make out the new English ships mentioned above.

The Paul Revere managed to retake the American settlement via S-boarding before turning for home to repair. You can see the Americans have a very strong position (relative to the fleet sizes so far at least!) around the arch.

Similar to the FS, the Americans also had a field day on turn 15, raking in 107 gold. They got themselves some warships, including USS Eagan, USS Appalachian, and the Saratoga, the latter two of which I've never used in a game. In order to optimize their chain exploring system of gathering resources, they also launched the Peacock, Flying Fish, Argo, Brandywine, and Nene-nui.

The Americans have a very similar HI situation as the FS. At the lower left, USS Mercury and USS Lamon make their way towards the lagoon.

As for the other fleets, the Locker escaped the lagoon before Champ could attack. The Rising Sun didn't receive the SAT from Requin, and so ducked into a fog bank to avoid the Hades' Realm. The Pirates have launched the Inferno and purchased numerous island upgrades.

After 15 turns of Economy Edition, this is what the sea looks like:

I'd like to do a count of the different fleet sizes at different points during the game, and every 5-15 turns sounds about right. After 15 turns, this is where the fleets stood:
English: 15 ships
Franco-Spanish: 19
Pirates: 19
Americans: 28 (counting each set of canoes as one ship)
Cursed: 9 (they have been saving up gold, but their resources aren't worth much right now)

I simply counted deckplates, so the list includes sea monsters and the two flotillas in play. It's doubtful I'll ever do a count of points because it would take so much longer, but if I can sense that the game is at its peak I could set aside some time for it, just because it would be interesting to see if I could make this the biggest game I've ever played, though my first documented game was also cumulative but I never counted the total points (and the same with the RISK game).

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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:35 am Reply with quote

I've played turns 16 and 17! Things are going to peak on turn 18 since that's when the resource value and duration rolls occur.

Before I was able to get started, an inevitable event occurred: the Pirates have pushed the French out of their shared box, and now it is completely Pirate! The box used to hold the Cursed as well, but now they're in a different box with the Americans.

On turn 16, the Franco-Spanish used their new trading port, strategically located near the lagoon, to launch the new Hephaestus, the first official privateer ship in the game! Earlier in the turn, their new and old fleets sailed out in unison for a rather large show of force.

The Rising Sun, having ducked into a fog bank to avoid the Hades' Realm, rolled a 6 to stay in the fog but at the same time slam into a new island. With Coconut on board, the Rising Sun was able to send home some fish via her ship ability, an unexpected but welcome outcome of the voyage.

To the north, the Americans gather around their settlement as the English wait for their flagship (HMS Pacificum) to repair:

HMS Raven has finally reached the easternmost island, discovering a supply of lumber. The Hades' Realm has successfully navigated the reef surrounding the Duke shipwreck, but without an explorer will have to wait to look at the gold.

The FS strategy with the new San Cristobal has become clear. Armed with extra action capabilities, S+S+L+S speed, and an explorer, the San Cristobal has set out to build French and Spanish forts (up to 5 total!) on islands that can't be easily reached by the FS fleet back home. Whirlpooling into the center of the map, the Cristobal has already explored the final island to be docked at, marking it with St. Pierre. Since resources aren't generated by islands with forts on them per the ruleset, the FS are trying to hinder the other fleets' progress and delay their efforts.

The FS also launched El Acorazado and put Don Osvaldo Guillen and Master Gunner Rogelio Vazquez (as well as a helmsman) aboard to increase the ship's effectiveness. Right now she looks intimidating as a potential settlement raider, with S-board and +1 to boarding rolls, while the L-range guns effectively increase her striking range, which is essential since she'll only be moving S+S.

On the left, the Eroica heads east to establish a military port, while the Trinity has already done so on the right side of the photo. The Lurker Dessous and Tepant follow the Hephaestus towards the lagoon.

The Rising Sun came out of the fog and promptly rolled a 1 while crossing the reef to lose her remaining two masts, leaving her derelict! Unfortunately for the Cursed, Coconut's explorer ability combined with the Rising Sun's ship ability let the Pirates transfer a shiny silver 6 worth 18 gold back to the Pirates' HI right underneath the Cursed eyes! In this way, the Rising Sun's expedition had turned into a relative disaster, but at least she had just about paid for herself and her crew in the process, if not only making the Cursed more angry.

I used the flash for a change, showing the tense situation around the English HI and the American settlement just to the west. The island's textiles are only worth 2 gold apiece right now, but that could suddenly change on turn 18 when the resource values change.

The Americans have been saving up a considerable amount of gold, possibly to be spent on the next turn. The Lamon has reached the lagoon, with the Mercury not far behind. The Hessian has established a colony on the island to the east of the lagoon, while the Albany has upgraded the settlement on the middle right side of the picture to a trading port.

The Raven has made an English settlement to the right, but the easternmost 1/3 of the sea is still largely deserted:

The Cursed have struggled of late, but they have some gold and resources saved up, hoping to get a better roll this time around. The Pyre and Locker have returned with gold from the lagoon, with the Pyre looking to make a return trip now that the lagoon and arch have replenished themselves.

To the left, the Pirate ships Rum Runner and Princess return home with spices, hoping that their values don't drop on the way back.

It wasn't the most eventful two turns, but that was partly due to the climactic nature of turn 18, when the new resource value and duration rolls will be made. The English cashed in luxuries worth 78 gold on turn 17, and now they're waiting to see what happens with the resources before they decide what to buy. The Pirates are in a similar situation, with 102 gold received during turn 17. The Americans and Cursed have also held off on purchases for the last few turns, making turn 18 possibly one of the longest and most exciting yet!

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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:56 am Reply with quote

Turn 18 marked the need for new resource rolls! With great anticipation a 6 and a 7 were rolled, meaning that the market in luxuries crashed while the values of all other resources increased by one each! Not really a big change, except for the luxuries. The 7 means that turns 18-24 will be played using these values. Spices are now the most valuable resource, and luckily for the Americans and Franco-Spanish, they both have islands that produce spices nearby as well as the luxuries they had been taking in for the last 11 turns. The Cursed and Pirates gain modestly by the change, while the English suffer, having only islands that produce textiles (now worth 3 gold) and luxuries (now worth 1 gold) nearby.

The English and the Americans have finally clashed! The English, with a fully repaired HMS Pacificum and support ships, looked to take back their settlement to the west. HMS Diamond was the first on the scene, and together with HMS Resistance they shot away both masts on the James Madison. At the end of their turn the English launched HMS Dauntless and crewed her with Lord Cutler Beckett, a captain, helmsman, firepot specialist, and fire shot!

The battle begins, with a view from Thompson's Island:

Meanwhile, the San Cristobal was busy building El Castillo del Infanta on an island that the Cursed had previously found textiles on.

The Americans showed their mettle on their turn, using the Atlanta and Minuteman to knock a mast off the Diamond and sink the Resistance, the first English ship to be sunk in the game.

However, the Dauntless received a 6 from Beckett on their first turn in play, letting the big bad 5 master get right into the thick of the battle. The English poured in a heavy fire, sinking the James Madison and crippling the Atlanta and He'e:

The English made the mistake of sailing the Serapis too close to the arch, from which the guns of Thompson's Island now boomed. The Serapis was sunk in short order, but the American squadron near the arch and their settlement had been decimated.

The Minuteman managed to take off two of the Dauntless' masts.
A view from above the arch showing the carnage:

To the west, the Americans were optimizing their chains of canoes, setting them up to transfer gold from the island with spices (where the Wasp has established a military port) and from the two submarines in the lagoon.

The full chain from wild island to home island, partway through the turn:

By the end of the turn, two canoes have gold from the subs and luxuries aboard, while the Eagan and Appalachian head west, possibly in pursuit of the FS:

The Americans weren't done just yet! Using some of their vast gold pile, they built the Constitution and USS Hudson. The Constitution was crewed with Jonathan Haraden, Commander Steven Decatur, Gus Schultz, a helmsman and an oarsman, making her the biggest threat in the game.

Textiles (2), metals (3), and luxuries (6) pile up as the Americans spend a portion of their gold reserves on two new gunships I've never used before in a game:

The Pirates and Cursed have been dormant for a while now, but that will change eventually. Both fleets have large reserves of gold.

This is great shot of most of the ocean, with only the English HI not visible. Note the submerged Hephaestus and Lurker Dessous just outside the lagoon, with Champ waiting inside. The Pyre and Locker are headed back for a return trip, with the Lamon and Mercury also looking to get more gold soon. A battle inside the lagoon is inevitable, but it will be interesting to see who instigates it.

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I only played one turn today, but I'm hoping to play at least 2 tomorrow. Not much happened, but tension is building all around the ocean and fleets are getting ready to launch relatively large additions to their existing fleets.

The English finished off He'e as the Dauntless ducked into a fog bank. However, even as the English had won the battle, they hadn't won the war, with more American ships reinforcing their settlement. The Minuteman took three masts off the Pacificum later in the turn.

Complicating matters for the English, the San Cristobal moved north and built Paradis de la Mer on the textiles island that the English were making trips to.

The lagoon has become more crowded, but both submarines and sea monsters are too afraid to surface! (Champ and Lurker Dessous are submerged.)

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I've played turns 21-23! The English had been saving up gold for a while, and they finally had enough to launch something I've been looking forward to for a few months now: the FIRE squadron!

Bombardier + Thomas Gunn, First Mate Ismail, firepot specialist, exploding shot, fire shot

HMS Salient + Admiral James Norrington, helmsman, firepot specialist, exploding shot, fire shot

HMS Talon + Hermione Gold, firepot specialist, exploding shot, fire shot

In this way the Bombardier has a chance to create up to 4 fire masts in a turn, along with 3 each for the switchblades.

After building Paradis, the San Cristobal captured an English settlement and built El Puerto Blanco.

The Hephaestus finally surfaced and took gold from the lagoon island, with Lurker Dessous guarding the sub against Champ:

At the end of their turn, the FS launched a scaled-down version of their own fire squadron (Conquerant w/Duncan Rousseau + Grand Vainqueur w/Gentil de la Barbinais), along with the Neptune (with linked crew Phillipe Jordan aboard) and San Estaban, for a total of 103 gold.

The San Cristobal's mission was a smashing success, building 4 forts in the east to hinder the English and the Cursed:

Partly as a result of these forts, and also because they are struggling a bit more than the other three fleets, the English and Cursed have agreed to an alliance! With fleets in the northeast and southeast, they could potentially combine to take back the east from the FS and drive the Americans back west. Time will tell if the alliance is fruitful, and even more importantly, if it lasts any considerable amount of time.

The Pirates continued to save gold, with stores piling up on the expanded home island:

Looking through the lowest archway, the Saratoga sails through the middle arch:

From the main topmast of the Constitution, the Paul Revere, Hudson, and Saratoga have arrived to defend their settlement:

The Americans launched the Franklin and crewed her with Commodore Edward Preble in addition to the standard captain and helmsman. They also purchased the USS Annapolis with the RtSS version of George Washington LeBeaux aboard, who is the American version of Lord Mycron. This gives the Americans some flexibility, but in the near future they're looking to give Champ the move-and-shoot.

The Cursed have been saving up gold for a while as well, and they finally spent 113 gold on a sea monster squadron!

Serpent's Fang + captain, helmsman, fire shot, chain shot

Crocodile + Sargasso Nightmare, captain, helmsman

Calypsos (literally just acquired TODAY in a trade with trox)
Brachyura (see below)

My regular (uncommon) version of Brachyura was broken (crabs seem easy to break), so I built my SR Brachyura. Since it's glittery and shiny I'm giving it the captain ability built-in.

Funny enough, both ships (the Serpent's Fang and Crocodile) are also named after sea creatures, a serpent and a crocodile, making the additions even more appropriate.

A glittery titan, two squids, a sea serpent, and two new ships:

The English used the new shipwright rules to repair the Dauntless and Pacificum in short order. When a ship is docked at it's home island, with a shipwright aboard it can repair two masts per turn.

The fire squadron departs from the home island, eager to avoid the guns of Paradis de la Mer:

On turn 22, the Americans launched two more five masters:

USS Thomas Jefferson + Master CPO Charles Richard, John Paul Jones, Ralph David, helmsman, fire shot

USS Concordia + Montana Mays, tribal chieftain (transferred from the fragile Harlequin for protection with Mays aboard), helmsman, firepot specialist

Between the two sea monster bonuses and a trade current, the Cursed sea monsters were able to spring out at speeds like L+L+L+S towards the lagoon, where the Pyre and Locker still resided.

The English, annoyed with the San Cristobal's fort-building efforts, were quick to respond, destroying Paradis on the next turn with their considerable firepower.

The Franco-Spanish proceeded to launch L'Hercule, El Corazon Dorado, L'Espadon, and El Rayo, all of which were acquired in trades received TODAY from trox and piratepickle.

The FS form a defensive line of battle to protect their precious cargo ships:

The Pirates, in an act of good faith, took some gold with the Cutlass and gave it to the Cursed to help them out. The Cursed considered attacking the Cutlass and her partner ship the Lady Newport, but thought better of it considering that they're not in the best position in the game right now, although their position is getting stronger. Both factions considered this act to be the beginning of a possible alliance.

The Ranger was also headed towards FS waters with some gold, presumably with the same purpose in mind.

The Americans used their trading port to build the Revolution, a gift from trox received in the mail just before she was put together and introduced into the game. She's crewed with Queen Teresa Pavon, a helmsman and a firepot specialist.

The Cursed have reached the lagoon with their sea monster squadron, but Champ isn't worried since it can submerge. However, the Cursed have a secret weapon on Brachyura: Papa Doc. Not the lame version, but the RtSS version:

Papa Doc
RSS-028b, Common

Points: 8

Ability: This ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls. Once per turn, one crew or ship within S of this ship can’t use its ability that turn.

23 turns after the game was set up:

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Turn 24 was played, with a few interesting developments.

The English have destroyed El Puerto Blanco, showing that the San Cristobal's fort-building adventure is no match for England's gunnery. Without anything to support the forts, they're easy targets for a powerful squadron of gunships that now includes a bombardier, two switchblades, two 5 masters, and HMS Raven.

The Tepant, Nox, and Lurker Dessous form a line of battle to protect the submerged Hephaestus from the sub-hunting USS Eagan, hiding in a fog bank with the Appalachian. As new warships set sail, you can see the logjam around the FS home island.

The Americans relaunched the Devil Ray, following in the footsteps of her Mercenary comrade the Revolution:

The Cursed have attacked! Entering the lagoon all at once, their four sea monsters have overwhelmed the Americans inside the lagoon. Papa Doc cancelled Champ to the surface, allowing Brachyura to rip the serpent's head off! Champ only lost two segments in the attack, but the monster is as good as dead. The other Cursed sea monsters blocked the American subs from getting to the island as the Locker and Pyre took the last coins off the island, which will now replenish itself, along with the arch and Duke.

At this point, two dozen turns have been played. As it's been the full 7 turns since the resource rolls were made, turn 25 marks the next round of rolls! Between these two factors I thought it would be a good time to do another ship count. As with the last count I just counted deckplates for simplicity, so flotillas and sea monsters are included in the counts:

English: 17 ships
Franco-Spanish: 29
Americans: 34
Pirates: 18
Cursed: 16

However, the Pirates have a huge amount of gold (pushing 300 as of now) on their HI, so their number could be bigger. Between that and the current English-Cursed alliance, everyone is doing pretty good right now. I will say that there is some mounting tension between the Americans and the FS, with an American trading port very close to an FS military port, along with the Eagan and Appalachian getting too close to the Hephaestus. Also, the English have essentially made themselves an enemy of the FS after destroying two of their forts. The English and the Americans are the only two fleets truly at war, but it looks like the Cursed have certainly declared war on the Americans, though the conflict just started and it's currently confined within the lagoon. As for the English, they know they're not strong enough to take on the massively improved American squadron now defending the settlement that the English attacked earlier.

With a gold replenishment and new resource rolls on the way, turn 25 promises to be rather intriguing!

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The resource rolls for turn 25 were made, with a 2 and 8. For the next 8 turns lumber would finally be worth 6 gold, with the values of textiles, metals, and fish bringing in subpar returns.

The English, with large stores of luxuries and a handful of lumber, saw the value of their resources jump, allowing them to take in 123 gold on turn 25 and spend it all. They purchased HMS Royal, HMS Forge, HMS Zephyr, HMS Guy Fawkes, HMS Iron Prince, and Honu Iki, with an assortment of fun named crew and equipment (the face down crew represent captains and helmsmen):

Eyeing the American settlement, new English ships await the return of the fire squadron:

Brachyura has finished off Champ, giving the Cursed sole control of the lagoon!

On turn 26, the Swiftsure explored the island that Paradis de la Mer had sat on, since the destruction of the fort reset the exploration markers and resource value of the island. The English rolled for yet another textiles island, which are currently only worth 1 gold.

On turn 26, the game started to explode.

The FS and Americans were getting closer and closer to each other, with an FS military port only a move action or two away from the American trading port where the Americans had launched the Revolution and Devil Ray.

In a sudden, abrupt declaration of war, El Acorazado docked at the American trading port, opening fire on the Nene-nui! Two masts fell overboard, but the Spaniards weren't done yet. The Acorazado razed the colony with a successful boarding action, destroying the trading port in an extreme act of hostility.

However, the FS were just getting started. The Acorazado's actions meant war. The Moulin Rouge was next in line, slipping in between the Acorazado and Nene-nui. This close-quarters broadside took off the American ship's final mast.

In the meantime, the nearby FS military port produces lumber, which is now the most valuable resource in the game. FS treasure runners are flocking to the island, further strengthening the FS position.

To the south, Lurker Dessous rammed and pinned the USS Eagan, pinning her in such a way that only the Eagan's latter two masts are in range of the beast. The ram was unsuccessful but the boarding killed the Eagan's helmsman.

Finally, just to prove their point that turn 26 was a huge declaration of war and not just a skirmish, the FS launched 5 gunships at the military port with their considerable gold reserves sitting on their HI. The additions include the Monaque (with Amiral Gaston de St. Croix), L'epee de L'ange, El Galeon de Gibraltar (with The Inquisitor), Le Duc d'Enghien, and the Carcajou.

After war breaks out between the Franco-Spanish and the Americans, the canoes and associated chieftains (aboard the Albany and James Madison) are quick to flee the area, letting the four masted gunships and submarines take over. The island to the south has spices on it, which are still worth 4 gold each.

The Americans in the east ready themselves as the fire squadron turns around to join their new English comrades at the home island:

The Americans soon realized the seriousness of their situation. With a very powerful FS opponent to the west and the growing English battle fleet in the east headed towards their settlement, the Americans sprung into action, knowing that it wouldn't be easy to make it out of this dual war.

The Americans have one of the best (if not the best) gold systems in the game, coupled with lucky resource rolls that give them every resource except for fish and lumber readily available. They exchanged their existing lumber for 6's and their luxuries for 5's, adding them to the considerable pile of gold already on their HI. This gave them enough gold to launch 8 new ships, some of which are positioned to aid the powerful eastern squadron, but 5 of which are going to immediately help out the Americans fighting the FS to the west.

The Americans launched some of their best ships, showing that they mean business and are not going to hold back: Bonhomme Richard, Blackwatch, Intrepid, Congress, Mohican, USS Sioux, Julius Caesar, USS Springfield.

Also, the Shark has returned with the damaged Atlanta, the only survivor of the battle against the English.

The Pirates and Cursed are in the currently dormant southern hemisphere, although the FS have sent a line of battle east along the south side of the lagoon.

The Sea Duck and Hades' Realm eye El Castillo del Infanta from afar, looking to use the Sea Duck's sniping ability to chip away at the fort before they send in the Hades' Realm to finish it off.

Any attack could be seen as a declaration of war on the Franco-Spanish, though it would be hard for the FS to expect anything else at this point. The Pirates are the only nation yet to be attacked or annoyed by the FS, who, to their credit, look like the best fleet right now, especially considering the Americans will have to fight two battles at once on either side of their home island.

The game is really heating up! The northern half of the ocean is quite crowded, and with one battle starting and another imminent, the game is finally devolving into chaos!

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Looking good, I can't wait to see what happens!! Very Happy I have an important announcement pertaining to my plans for CoE, which I will post in the thread for my custom ruleset.
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