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Battle Reports
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Joined: 27 Sep 2014
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:41 am Reply with quote

selvaxri wrote:
I recently got a lot of assembled ships [with just their deckplates Confused ], and i'm planning of playing a game using my own "Fog Shrouded Mysteries" variant.
I've also got He'e , Brachyura , & El Toro that i'm going to add as part of the variant [rogue sea monsters encountered amongst the fog banks? why not!]

I'm still trying to figure out how to "even out" the fleets when i've got 11 ships, potentially more if i decide to bring in the Revenant & Le Soleil Royal that i have assembled with no cards.

The ships include:
Black Mamba , Zanzibar , Xi'an , Saratoga USS Shark USS Kentucky Mercure Sabre HMS St. George Grim Reaper Augusta

I re-assembled some broken-mast ships from a collection i bought, and it brings the total ship count to 18- three fleets of 6. why? I have 5 American ships, with a captured Cursed ship; a three English ships with a few Privateers [Pirates]; and a Spanish/French alliance with a couple of Privateers.
I'm thinking this'll be a "race" scenario- to see which fleet can a tbd amount of gold for a tbd goal- like trying to buy the Revenant or even the Cackling Lunacy. :p
with a bunch of crew nobody wants i may just fudge the crew rule.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:59 pm Reply with quote

selvaxri wrote:

I'm thinking this'll be a "race" scenario

I knew this jogged my memory somehow:

bootstrapbill wrote:
Well, for the first time in a long time - I was involved in a game. It wasn't a gold game, it wasn't a shoot - out (per se), but a RACE! 8 players, 50 pt fleet, and the Baochuan standing by making sure everyone obeys the rules. There was an obstacle course set up and no one could shoot until they passed the first marker.

It was fun to play again, and the unique idea for a game was refreshing.

I didn't win because I somehow thought I could compete with fast ships without a SAC captain But it was definitely good to put the ships to use again

Your scenario sounds different because you're focusing on a goal, such as buying a specific ship. I have to ask though - how do you intend to make it different? For example, if the goal was to buy the Revenant, the game is basically a standard game to get 15 gold.

By "fudging the crew rule" do you mean letting crew of any nationalities serve on any ships?
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Joined: 27 Jun 2011
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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2015 8:39 pm Reply with quote

English Pirates:
Bombardier + Thomas Gunn, First Mate Ismail, Sir Christopher Myngs, firepot specialist, fire shot
HMS Prince of Chichester + Hermione Gold, explorer
Princess + helmsman, explorer

Cursed Americans:
USS Albany + Commodore Peregrine Stern, Wayne Nolan, helmsman
Juggernaut + El Fantasma, captain, helmsman
La Rosario

The Cursed Americans went first, followed by the English Pirates. The Rosario was the first ship to reach an island, but the Prince of Chichester was the first to explore.

The Prince got away with three coins and knocked a few masts off the Juggernaut, who then rammed her and killed her explorer.

(Terrible picture but at least you can see where things are.)

The Prince was also rammed by the Albany, who stole two 4's from the Prince, leaving the battered ship with just one 2. The Prince took out the Rosario (who herself was carrying a few coins) before sinking from the Juggernaut's long-range cannons. In the meantime the Princess zipped home with 8 gold for the English Pirates.

At this point the Bombardier had failed Myngs' SAT (with reroll) since the first turn, and thus was unable to get into action very effectively. The Albany received an extra action from Stern and took out all three of the Bombardier's masts, capturing her on the following turn and towing her home to repair her.

At this point, the Princess slipped under the radar and brought home more gold for the English Pirates, which proved to be just enough. The last treasure coin was loaded aboard the Albany, and the game was called after the Princess was sunk, with only the Cursed Americans left standing. However, the English Pirates had collected more gold and won the game by a narrow 14-12 margin!

A quick but close game that featured a few interesting crew combinations I had been wanting to try for a while (on the Bombardier and the Albany). Unfortunately you have to double the cost of the SAT since there's not enough cargo on the Bombardier, but I really like the Albany setup getting EA, captain, helmsman, +1 to boarding rolls and a free reroll all for just two cargo spaces, which still leaves three spaces available with which to steal gold.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 12:46 am Reply with quote

Another CoE dry run has been played, and this will probably be the last until the actual game happens. Anyways, the fleets:

note- the Jade Rebellion has been tacked on to the American faction, since I only have two of their ships-

Here's a shot of the map looking East-West with the Pirate HI in the foreground. To the North is the American HI, while the Spanish HI is on the southern side of things.

Looking the other way from the vantage of the American HI. The Carolina and Frontier are clearly visible.

The Pirates went first and the game was under way! Most of the fleet made it to the close vicinity of nearby islands, but with limited crew, many didn't explore until their next turn

The Spanish were the last to go, and tough going for them the whole game La Santa Isabel made it to a MI and drained all the gold from it, but was stuck by the islands effect, meanwhile the rest of the Spanish fleet closes upon another island as the Americans are visible in the background

The Americans are off to a good start, they have completely drained an island of gold, and are moving as a single fleet toward more.
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Joined: 27 Jun 2011
Posts: 6164

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 12:54 am Reply with quote

Awesome pics xerecs! Any tips on how to get the hoist arm to stay in place so you can actually use it? Mine always fall apart both at the base and in the middle.


A 3 player 40 point game was played on 5/17/2015.

Fleet 1:
Valeroso (just acquired in a trade from selvaxri) + captain, helmsman, explorer
Trinity + helmsman, explorer
Exploding Shot on the home island

Fleet 2:
Antamasia + captain

Fleet 3:
L'epee de L'ange + captain, helmsman
Freedom's Hand

The order of gameplay was the same as the order of fleets above.

After playing the rules inconsistently for a few years, new house rules were officially instituted, and I'd like them to be permanent for my games. When a boarding party is won, not only does the winner get to pick whether they take a treasure or eliminate a crew, but they also get to pick whatever treasures they want. If you won a boarding party on an enemy ship laden with gold, would you really settle for the cheap trinkets presented to you by the guilty captain? I wouldn't!

I've quickly grown tired of seeing brown wooden tables as the background for my ocean in the battle reports, so for the first time ever, the Plunder Pack game mat was used. As you can see, some of the creases and folds were still present, but they didn't affect gameplay.

As for the home islands, they are beautiful custom creations by none other than rossinaz. I may experiment this summer with making my own custom islands, but as usual I will focus on playing first. Either way, between the mat and new islands, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing reports I've done yet.

The first player deliberately left Exploding Shot on their HI to maximize the Valeroso's trip to a wild island. Between her and the Trinity, Fleet 1 loaded 5 coins on the first turn.

The Augusta marks an island explored as the Carcajou crests a wave.

Unfortunately, Fleet 3 just barely couldn't make it to a wild island on their first turn, but with two galleys and a dangerous French gunship looming, they looked to be competitive.

Fleet 1 was the first to bring back gold, depositing it on their beautiful new home island.

The Antamasia and Carcajou looked to take gold from different islands, but the inaccurate guns of L'epee (LDA) took a mast off the Carcajou. The Valeroso loaded up Exploding Shot.

The Augusta brought home gold for Fleet 2, but the LDA shot away the remaining mast on the Carcajou.

At this point, the game started heating up. The Trinity, still with both movement bonuses, moved S+S+S to ram and board the Antamasia, but an unsuccessful boarding attempt killed her valuable helmsman.

Fleet 2 exacted revenge on the LDA, with the Antamasia going 3 for 3 to leave the French gunship with just one mast.

The Valeroso catches a wave as she sets the Algiers on fire with an exploding shot.

The LDA ran a suicide mission, taking out two masts from the Antamasia while stealing a coin. The Trinity moved S+S to take the coin from the LDA, putting a target on her back. The Augusta grabbed the Carcajou and got her out of the way, and she repaired on the next turn, bringing home gold along with the treasure from the Antamasia.

Seeing an opportunity, the Valeroso dumped her equipment on the last wild island that still had gold on it in order to load both treasure coins. The Algiers and Freedom's Hand brought back gold for Fleet 3, extinguishing the fire aboard the Algiers. The Trinity began sailing for home with her gold coin. At this point, Fleet 1 had all 3 of the last coins left in play.

For the endgame, everyone went after Fleet 1, desperate to get as much gold as possible.

A huge ramming and boarding parade began in earnest, with the Trinity being caught quickly moving just S as she had lost a mast to the Antamasia a few turns earlier. The Freedom's Hand caught up to the Valeroso, who had swapped her explorer for Exploding Shot as a free action at the beginning of her turn. The Augusta and Algiers can be seen circling islands in anticipation of cutting off Fleet 1.

Rough seas made for an even more chaotic environment!

The Valeroso just barely couldn't make it home, allowing the Augusta to steal a coin, at which point she immediately turned and ran. The Trinity had given up her action for the turn to swap the higher value coin to the Valeroso, who could move L+S compared to the Trinity's pitiful S. In addition, the Trinity was in rough shape, being rammed by the Freedom's Hand and Antamasia as her masts fell overboard. The Valeroso docked a coin home and simultaneously set the Augusta alight, upon which the fire spread quickly.

The Carcajou and Antamasia teamed up to sink the Trinity and coin, which was only worth 1 gold. However, there was still a 2 on the burning Augusta, which was quickly set upon by the galleys of Fleet 3. Fleet 1 watched in amusement as the Valeroso poured in a heavy fire, content to see the gold sink beneath the waves to be lost forever.

Greed, chaos and gunpowder:

The Algiers and Augusta were sunk on the next turn, but not before the Algiers gave the final coin to the Freedom's Hand.

The Freedom's Hand was promptly sunk by the Valeroso, ending the game at last!

Gold was tallied up, with plenty of booty to go around:

Fleet 1: 19 gold
Fleet 2: 15
Fleet 3: 11

Unfortunately, I think the order of play mattered a bit too much in this game, but this hasn't been the case in many of my games. Despite this, it was a great game, hard-fought and hotly contested until the bitter end!

You'll be seeing more of the islands (made by rossinaz) and probably more of the play mat soon!
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 1:18 am Reply with quote

The pirates have explored the islands closest to their HI, and are heading toward other untapped reservoirs of gold.

The Jade-Amerc ship has gone home and unloaded two 1's that she presumably got from the frontier, while the rest of the Americans gather between two Sargasso seas.

La Santa Isabel is still stuck while Matthias Vospero returns with meager findings.

The Executioner found Cannibals! this killed her explorer, and left her rather irked. Meanwhile, the Frontier had discovered Triton's defense, and a MI effect allowed them to place a shipwright on Glorious Treasure . The UT adventures werent over, the Frontier found Dead Man's Chest .

Here's a shot looking from the masts of the Executioner east toward the Spanish and Americans.

Some of the game's first action! Disappointed by their failure to run any gold effectively, and enraged by the Americans success, the Matthias Vospero moves toward the Frontier

The posturing amounts to nothing however, as the Frontier and the rest of the American fleet head west toward pirate waters.

The pirates have had some trouble getting gold back to their HI, and so only one coin has been dropped off.

Incentivized with islands still untouched deep in pirate waters, both nations move en-masse towards pirate territory.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 1:56 am Reply with quote

Thanks a7, those are some beast looking islands, I gotta try that at some point! Back to the game.....

Custom Part Alert! The frontier found Hidden trove, a custom UT that is worth 2x the total number of ships! That right there was 24 gold, and when the frontier brought it back, Ralph David made it 26 instead.
The pirates have finally gotten some gold home, and are heading for some of the untouched islands. This sudden shift has caused the Spanish and Americans to pause, as neither wants to get on the bad side of a pirate!

Indeed the sudden turn of events has caused both nations to abort their plans to reach into pirate waters. With the vast hold of the frontier finally full of gold, she turns and heads home carrying a fortune.

The pirates heading for gold laden islands.....

The Zephyr found Lost which allowed for the placement of reefs to block the Carolina from coming any closer than she was. That wasn't all, Aztec Medallion was picked up by the Scepter .

Here we see the American fleet, with the Carolina having just turned around to avoid the reefs placed by lost.

The pirates became the first to launch a new ship, the Raven's Neck !

Massive amounts of gold piling up on the American HI............

Meanwhile, the Spanish try to salvage from the still stuck Santa Isabel

Alas! The frontier found Cursed Natives which killed off their colonizer, and hopes of putting a colony that island. The pirates meanwhile are collecting UT's like no tomorrow, the Zephyr found Martyr's Amulet , though there were no Cursed pieces in this game. Rolling Eyes Continuing their strange findings , the Executioner found Monkey's Paw . They finished their turn by building Dead Man's Point .

There was perhaps one good thing that came from La Santa Isabel getting stuck, and that was that eve3ntually the island would refill, and she could load more gold!

While getting off to a slow start, the pirates have really turned around, they have established a colony, and a system of running gold that works toward their favor. In addition to this, Dead Man's point sits on an island that over looks the only passage to other islands in the north, effectively keeping other ships from entering pirate territory that way. Laughing Twisted Evil
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 2:48 am Reply with quote

The Spanish have had horrible luck this game. Their primary gold runner has been stuck at a MI since their fist turn, and their other ships have not been able to keep up with the Americans or Pirates. To further complicate matters, the Americans have been eying the stuck Santa Isabel with a hungry eye. They purchased the only other Jade Rebellion ship, and sailed both toward the stranded Spanish schooner, bypassing the Vospero who was also stuck via Rum

SHOTS FIRED! The first actual conflict of the game!

Meanwhile, the pirates have turned quite the tidy profit and are saving up to upgrade their colony and expand their fleet.

Enraged by the actions of the Americans, the Spanish have turned the Vospero on a passing convoy, and have taken out two of the masts on the frontier!

Not about to abandon their shipmates, they have also sent their one other ship El San Francisco to the aid of the still stuck Santa Isabel.

The pirates have avoided conflict thus far, and are running gold effectively, when the winds of the game change. The Carolina rolls a 5-6 at a MI, and brings two coins from every other wild island to that one. The wild island in question is close to Pirate waters, and all ships make a sudden turn about and head for this now laden island

The frontier hurries away to make repairs, as the Carolina explores this treasure trove of loot. Amongst the gold she finds Metal Hull, and Davy Jones heart.
The Santa Isabel is still stuck, but with hopes of getting free soon. One of the assaulting turtle ships has lost both turtle shells and is hurrying away from angry Spaniards.

The San Francisco has caught up to the fleeing jade rebellion ship, but is in no position to finish her off, having lost a mast in the pursuit.

While leaving the laden island, the Carolina passed the Vospero and lost two masts to the vengeful Spaniard

With their runner now empty, the Pirates begin to make plans for the loaded island. The Ravens Neck, Zephyr, and Scepter all make for the island, which is just out of sight to the east.

Unfortunately the game ended there, due to time constraints, and the mounting tempers of the various players. Despite strong competition from the Americans the Pirates dug out a victory, and the Spanish finished last, uncharacteristic for them.

Actually there has been one more Dry run for CoE, however I didn't take pictures of that game, which ended prematurely due to tempers and homework. When the actual game goes down, I'll let you all know, also I have a custom rule set for CoE that differs from a7's and the original post he based his on. Would anyone want to see that?
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 3:03 am Reply with quote

@ a7, I missed your earlier questiona bout Hoist arms. For me the trick is to slide the little tabs at the joints in all the way. This is difficult, especially if you have long fingernails, however patience will pay off, and the arm should function as it's supposed to.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 1:22 pm Reply with quote

Great report xerecs! It was great to see pics of Century of the Empires again. I like your caption-based approach, which is something I've gone away from lately. It makes for a quicker writeup, which is useful for saving time for the actual playing, but the reader still has a good idea of what's going on.

The Spanish have had horrible luck this game. Their primary gold runner has been stuck at a MI since their fist turn, and their other ships have not been able to keep up with the Americans or Pirates. To further complicate matters, the Americans have been eying the stuck Santa Isabel with a hungry eye. They purchased the only other Jade Rebellion ship, and sailed both toward the stranded Spanish schooner, bypassing the Vospero who was also stuck via Rum

I've had this happen before in big games, and it's almost impossible to recover from. I think in future campaign games I'm not going to use MI's or negative UT's. It's really too bad that things like that happen, especially if they're eliminated early and the game ends up going for a long time. There's always the option of changing it once all fleets have a fair shot, such as replacing wild islands with mysterious islands of the same shape and introducing negative UT's to the mix as islands replenish gold.

xerecs wrote:
@ a7, I missed your earlier questiona bout Hoist arms. For me the trick is to slide the little tabs at the joints in all the way. This is difficult, especially if you have long fingernails, however patience will pay off, and the arm should function as it's supposed to.

Okay, I'll keep working on it.

When the actual game goes down, I'll let you all know, also I have a custom rule set for CoE that differs from a7's and the original post he based his on. Would anyone want to see that?

Definitely! Cool
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 6:26 pm Reply with quote

The way I set things up right now is that every wild island has at least one randomly selected UT from our collection. If there are slightly more than a dozen islands (including HI's) then there are about a dozen or so UT's to start the game. I try to place all UT's before colonies can be started, since I don't want a colony to produce a UT.
It'll take a little time to get all of the details ironed out, but the Rule set is on it's way. Any ideas as to where to post it? Maybe I'll make a thread for it, and add a countdown to when the game will begin. Question
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Subject: Four players, 40 points   PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 9:26 pm Reply with quote

This game was played on 5/24/2015. The fleets went in the order of play as follows:

Fleet 1:
HMS Resolution + captain, helmsman
HMS Silent Swan + captain
HMS Swiftsure

Fleet 2:
HMS Talon + captain, helmsman, cannoneer
Enfant Terrible + explorer

Fleet 3:
Antamasia + Master CPO Charles Richard + Inquisitor (house ruled with new players having small starter collections)
Pawtucket + helmsman, explorer

Fleet 4:
Freedom's Hand + captain, cannoneer
San Pedro + explorer
Algiers + helmsman, explorer

The Freedom's Hand and Resolution were involved in a short skirmish on the first few turns as the Swiftsure safely returned home with gold.

Fleet 2 looked to use their big gunship, the new HMS Talon. Slicing into the San Pedro, the Talon was able to dismast the Spaniard and take one of her coins.

Still in the early stages of the game, each fleet has brought back some gold:

The Silent Swan was the next ship to fall victim to the Talon.

The Freedom's Hand was third, but not before she finally dented the Switchblade's armor for a hit.

At this point, the gold was becoming scarce. The Resolution took a few masts off the Talon, and the Talon proceeded to lose her remaining crew in a failed boarding attempt against the Inquisitor's Antamasia.

The Resolution finished off the Talon, and the Algiers quickly became the most-wanted target with 3 gold coins on her. She was quickly attacked by the Enfant and Antamasia, as Fleet 3 tried to reclaim their gold.

The Algiers and Swiftsure tried to steal the final coin from the Pawtucket, but they were foiled and the game ended at last!

The final treasure count was extremely close:

Fleet 1: 15 gold
Fleet 2: 12
Fleet 3: 13
Fleet 4: 13

The Swiftsure of Fleet 1 was extremely lucky to find a 7 and a 5 on the first island she explored, overshadowing the great games played by the other fleets. Still, one of the closest games you can ever have and a lot of fun!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2015 3:35 am Reply with quote

Hey a7!

I am very happy that you liked those islands! They look great in your battle report. Thanks for finding a spot for them - and home islands too!! I appreciate the compliments and hope you can get some great use out of them.

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Subject: looks like a lot of fun   PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2015 5:02 pm Reply with quote

I cant believe it has been so long since I've played
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2015 5:14 am Reply with quote

Pirates: Economy Edition

Ever since cannonfury came up with his Rules for Pirates: Economy Edition, I've wanted to play it. I've always found that in cumulative/campaign games, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, making for a somewhat predictable game, although still extremely fun and much more involved and complex than your average Pirates game. I love the resources concept and especially how their values change mid-game.

I've decided to play a slightly modified version of Economy Edition, which is what I'll be calling it unless cannonfury wants to change the name (Economy for short). He posted a great report or two earlier in this thread detailing his playtests of the game, but naturally with my penchant for HUGE games, I've decided to take it a step further and plan on making it one of those epic, long, MASSIVE endeavours that goes for weeks (and in this case almost definitely months) with no end in sight. That being said, things from "real life" do come up, so there are no guarantees whatsoever. This game could abruptly end on a dime without warning, or I may have to do something similar to what I did with Century of the Empires, with a forced conclusion to finish things up if they take too long.

If you plan on reading any of my reports this summer, I suggest you take a look at cannonfury's post, another link here.

The following modifications will be made, and I've also included some information about the game:


- Named crew must be unique, but once a named crew is eliminated or removed from the game, a DIFFERENT version of that crew can then be purchased as long as they aren't in play at the same time.

- I don't have the time or desire to make or purchase tokens to represent resources, so here's how I'm going to do it: after a ship rolls for the resource type and loads resources, the ship will load gold coins that correspond to the numbered resource (for example, a ship with lumber on board would have 1's). When the ship unloads the resources at the home island, the 1's (in this case) are swapped out for the value of the resource. If the value of lumber was 4, when the ship docks at her HI (home island), the 1's come off the ship and go back into the treasure chest and 4's appear on the HI, which can then be used to purchase ships and crew.

I can separate the piles of coins on a ship's deckplate to distinguish between resources and gold.

- Players will NOT be required to pay one gold each turn for every ship not docked at their HI. Why? I want this game to be huge, so anything that slows the game down is getting cut out. I like this concept, since you have to pay the crew and supply them with food and rations, but for this game I can't afford to be paying gold every turn when there are already going to be a ton of ships being launched all the time. Also, if this game gets as big as I want it to, it would be extremely annoying to count how many ships each fleet had at the end of their turns.

Starting Conditions:

- There are 5 fleets participating, and the order of play will go as follows: English, Franco-Spanish (a permanent alliance, abbreviated FS), Pirates, Americans, Cursed. The English, Pirates, and Cursed have all gotten major additions in the year so far, while the French and Spanish have lagged behind (a coincidence).

- Fleets start out at 40 points.

- There are around 26 wild islands, along with the 5 home islands. See pictures and explanations below for details.

- No unique treasures have been placed during setup, although islands that generate gold may have UT's appear on them throughout the game. UT's are not going to give any fleets an advantage or disadvantage in the critical early stages of the game, when everyone needs to get off to a good start.

Victory Conditions:

- There will be no adventure cards. I have my hands full learning a new ruleset and trying to incorporate house rules and new ideas, not to mention that I don't want this game to end based on a quest scenario. The general time limit for this game is 3 months, although as I said before it may end much sooner than that depending on the circumstances.


- An island's resource will be represented by one of the tiny dice, which will be turned upright to the corresponding number.

Technology Upgrades:

- I think islands will be upgraded on the current turn that an upgrade token is unloaded, but the functions of the upgrade can't be used until the next turn, similar to forts.

- There may be house rules regarding the settlement and colony rules.


- The keywords cannonfury created will not be used, but I would like to try and use some of my own creations from the Custom Ships thread.


House Rules/Potential changes to the game:

This game is going to be very open-ended and subject to changes. There may be house rules and custom ideas implemented in the middle of the game, and in the middle of player's turns. Things will be as fair as possible, but I'm really interested in delving into new ideas, some inspired by others and some from my own musings.

House Rules:

- When a ship wins a boarding party, the winner gets to choose whether they kill a crew or take a treasure. If the winner decides to steal a treasure, they can look at all gold on the losing ship and choose which coin(s) to take.

Potential in-game house rules to be figured out later include making reefs and fire much more relevant, among other things.

As you'll see in the pictures, there are two Sandbars in play:

(Unofficial Terrain)

Inspired by Cadet-Captain Mike (Cke1st's Pirates Page)

When any part of a ship or sea creature moves onto a sandbar, roll a d6. The result is the sandbar's rating until the end of that player's turn. Compare the rating to how many masts or segments the game piece had when it was constructed. If the sandbar's rating is less than the number of masts or segments, the game piece has run aground and might not be able to move.
For example, if a 3-mast ship sails over a sandbar with a rating of 4, she may continue her movement across it. If a 4-mast ship sails over a sandbar with a sandbar with a rating of 2, it must stop, even if she could move farther that turn. If the sandbar rating and the number of masts or segments are the same, the ship must stop after sailing over the sandbar, even if she could move farther that turn.

If a game piece has run aground, you can use its action for the turn to try to free it. Roll a d6. Subtract the current number of masts or segments or the result from whichever is higher. If the result is 1 or less, the game piece is free. It can be given a move action to move normally next turn.

(This is designed to be an obstacle similar to Sargasso Seas, but targeted for larger ships rather than smaller ships, and not damaging like a Reef)

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but I'll mention them as I remember them during the battle reports. Now, onto the setup!

(Note: some of the captions here have important information for the game!)

The ocean, with a thin blue sheet as the backdrop:

The western half of the sea. The Pirate home island is in the lower left corner, with the FS (Franco-Spanish) at the top left. The American HI is at the top right.

The eastern half of the sea, with the Cursed HI at the bottom of the picture. The English are at the top, and the American HI is visible at the top left.

Looking east from the FS home island:

This is without doubt the best (by far) looking game I'll have played. I've made some custom islands and terrain, and I'm also using the islands that rossinaz gave me in a trade that you may have seen in an earlier battle report.

Introducing: The Lagoon

The lagoon is a large lagoon located in the middle-western part of the ocean. The lagoon is only accessible by game pieces that can submerge. Ghost ships cannot cross the lagoon's borders. This puts submarines at a premium, although hostile sea monsters can also access the lagoon and potentially attack the submarines.

The lagoon holds vast gold reserves from a Pirate long dead. This island generates no resources, but rather replenishing gold stores.

Introducing: The Arch

The Arch is a piece of styrofoam that was cut in different places and glued to another small piece to form a triple archway. The middle archway is the tallest, with just enough room for somewhat large ships to pass through. The side arches are lower, allowing only ships with lower decks and shorter masts. The angled arch that was glued on is the shortest.

The shorter two archways:

Looking west, the archway is by far the tallest structure in the game and may provide an ideal place for a fort, if any fleet is brave enough to put men atop it:

As you can see in the first picture, the arch has gold on it, but this gold can only be accessed by docking at the low point where the gold is. Ships can only dock at this one point, and if they hit the arch in any other spot the ship loses a mast. The arch functions as a wild island that generates gold instead of resources, similar to the island in the lagoon. The arch has some terrain around it, including a reef jutting out to the east from the shortest, angled archway.

I believe I mentioned it in the Hijack thread a while back, but I received a Duke from a CC pack that wasn't cut all the way through on the deckplate card, making the ship impossible to assemble after I splintered the deck of the ship. After punching out the broken deck, it was the perfect opportunity to create a shipwreck. There was just enough on the deck to attach one of the hull pieces, and I broke the other one in half. The ship lost its mizzenmast in the wreck, and her jib was smashed off. The pirates all perished, but they left behind a considerable haul of gold, which I created by dripping just a few drops of metallic gold paint down into the hull of the ship. This fixed shipwreck will function as a special wild island that has gold on it, but the gold does not replenish itself as with the lagoon and arch. Ships must brave the reef to get to the Duke, and I may create a special house rule that allows the Cursed to put crew on the Duke and begin firing her cannons once more.

As for the lagoon, arch, and Duke, they all have a generous helping of gold. A lot of the gold they contain is shiny gold from the OE SR Cursed captain and shiny silver from this card. Shiny gold will be worth twice its printed value, while shiny silver will be worth three times its printed value (the shiny silver has more glitter and sparkle on it). Also, to incentivize the use of silver explorers, the +1 bonus will be applied before the multiplication, so a shiny silver 3 from a ship with a silver explorer will be worth 12 gold! These gold coins are currently only on the island in the lagoon, the arch, and the Duke shipwreck, but that may change during the game.

As for my custom islands, a trip to Hobby Lobby and a few pieces of styrofoam did the trick.

Sandy beaches surround a rare forested area:

Reefs and a sandbar:

A rocky island, inhospitable but perhaps brimming with valuable resources:

The islands made by rossinaz will function as resource islands:

East of the lagoon with another of rossinaz's islands and the second sandbar:

One last look for the time being:

In this game I am trying to use a TON of the new stuff I've gotten recently from trades and acquisitions, so don't expect to see ships I've used before, at least not very often! I also want to focus on using a lot of game mechanics I haven't used very much if at all, which is much easier in a huge game than a standard game.

Maui's Fishhook + helmsman
HMS Kirkwall + helmsman
HMS Ram + helmsman

Le Marseillais + helmsman, explorer
L'Eroica + helmsman, explorer
Bazana + helmsman

Princess + helmsman, explorer
Revenge + helmsman
Seref + helmsman, explorer
Paradox + helmsman

USS James Madison + tribal chieftain
Native Canoes
Hessian + helmsman

Hangman's Joke + helmsman
Sea Rat + helmsman, explorer
Celestine + Master Scribe

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