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want list for user akcrazywolf

These are the miniatures of Dreamblade that the user akcrazywolf wants (change to: )

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Miniatures 1 to 12 of 12 (12 total copies)

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
BW 2 Arch of Triumph  Valor Uncommon 1  
Base 77 Blood Wolf  Passion Rare 1  
BW 3 Clawclan Scout  Valor Uncommon 1  
Base 38 Iron Thug  Madness Common 1  
Base 87 Lone Wolf  Passion Rare 1  
Base 12 Mirrorman  Valor Common 1  
CP 25 Octorilla  Madness Rare 1  
CP 26 Probability Walker  Madness Common 1  
Base 89 Prowling Leopardman  Passion Rare 1  
Base 18 Scarab Warcharm  Valor Rare 1  
BW 42 Silhouette  Fear Common 1  
Base 22 Twilight Scout  Valor Common 1  

Miniatures 1 to 12 of 12

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AB Anvilborn
BW Baxar's War
Base Base set
CP Chrysotic Plague
NF Night Fusion
Promo Promotional
SD Serrated Dawn

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