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want list for user roguextrader

These are the miniatures of MechWarrior: Dark Age that the user roguextrader wants (change to: )

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Miniatures 1 to 29 of 29 (29 total copies)

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
WS 98 AS7-D-A 'Bjorn' Atlas (Unique)  Mech Very Rare 1  
WS 105 AS7-D-A 'Hammerfall' Atlas (Unique)  Mech Ultra Rare 1  
WS 107 AS7-D-A 'Sugar Rush' Atlas (Unique)  Mech N/A 1  
WS 104 AS7-D-A 'Sunfire' Atlas (Unique)  Mech Super Rare 1  
BF 17 AS7-D-A, 'Black Bart' Atlas (Unique)  Mech N/A 1  
BF 7 AS7-D-A, 'Headmaster' Atlas (Unique)  Mech N/A 1  
FiPo L-009 Bounty Hunter  Legendary Very Rare 1  
CA 151 Bounty Hunter - Marauder II (Unique)  Mech 7 1  
SVII GS-025 Bruneau, Sonja  Gunslinger Common 1  
DA 115 Dereck Hasbani - Atlas (Unique)  Mech 6 1  
SVII 28 DWF-VP-A 'Widowmaker' Daishi (Unique)  Mech Super Rare 1  
FfE 87 Katsu Moriyama - Crimson Hawk (Unique)  Mech 6 1  
Dom. 122 KHU-R1-H 'Headhunter' Karhu (Unique)  Mech Very Rare 1  
WS 112 KHU-R1-H, ('Claw') Karhu (Unique, Veteran)  Mech N/A 1  
Dom. 130 KHU-R2-H 'Balder' Karhu (Unique, Green)  Mech Super Rare 1  
FiPo 73 LK-V1-H 'Kaze' Loki (Unique)  Mech Very Rare 1  
DfA 144 Michaela Freeman - Atlas (Unique)  Mech LE-5 1  
SVII 19 MTS-PV-H 'Seraph' Mortis (Unique)  Mech Common 1  
Anh 82 NTL-AG-H 'El Diablo Rojo' Neanderthal (Unique)  Mech Super Rare 1  
SVII 15 NTL-AG-H 'Silas' Neanderthal (Unique)  Mech Common 1  
DA 143 Paladin Jonah Levin - Atlas (Unique)  Mech LE-5 1  
FfE 128 Ric Raisho - Centurion (Unique)  Mech LE-5 1  
SVII 1 RK-W-L 'Yojinbo' Rokurokubi (Unique)  Mech Common 1  
FiPo 82 SH-V-H 'Kaminari[Thunder]' Shiro  Mech Super Rare 1  
DfA 113 Skariah Paragon - Valiant (Unique)  Mech 6 1  
Dom. 17 Sylph Battle Armor (Green)  Infantry Common 1  
Dom. 128 URS-V2-M 'Odin' Ursus (Unique, Green)  Mech Super Rare 1  
Dom. 119 URS-VP-M 'Ull' Ursus (Unique, Elite)  Mech Very Rare 1  
Dom. 98 VTR-U1-M Violator (Veteran)  Mech Rare 1  

Miniatures 1 to 29 of 29

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
Anh Annihilation
AofD Age of Destruction
BF Battleforce
CA Counterassault
DA Dark Age
DfA Death from Above
Dom. Domination
FP Falcons Prey
FfE Fire for Effect
FiPo Firepower
LI Liao Incursion
PGC Parallel Gold CEC Set
PGM Parallel Gold Mech Set
SVII Solaris VII
VG Vanguard
WS Wolf Strike

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