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These are the miniatures of Skylanders that the user aarona has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
Book 2 1 Bash  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap SFI002 Battle Hammer  Item Regular 1  
Swap 1 Blast Zone  Standard Fixed 1  
TrapTeam TT026 Blastermind  Trap Master Regular 1  
Giants G056 Bouncer  Giant Regular 1  
Book 2 3 Chop Chop  Standard Fixed 1  
Giants GI001 Dragonfire Cannon  Item Regular 1  
Giants G059 Drobot (Lightcore)  Standard Variant 1  
Giants G026 Eruptor (Lightcore)  Standard Variant 1  
Swap 20 Fire Kraken  Standard Fixed 1  
Book 2 10 Flashwing  Standard Fixed 1  
TrapTeam TT018 Food Fight  Standard Regular 1  
Swap 24 Free Ranger  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap 34 Hoot Loop  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap 38 Magna Charge  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap 63 Mega Ram Spyro  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap 68 Ninja Stealth Elf  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap SW002 Pop Thorn  Standard Regular 1  
Book1 SA012 Prism Break  Standard Regular 1  
Book 2 19C Prism Break - Lightcore  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap 46 Rattle Shake  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap 48 Riptide  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap 51 Rubble Rouser  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap SW012 Scorp  Standard Regular 1  
SuperC SSV011 Sea Shadow  Vehicle Regular 1  
Book 2 20 Shroomboom  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap 70 Stink Bomb  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap SFI008 Tower of Time  Item Regular 1  
Swap 78 Wash Buckler  Standard Fixed 1  
Swap 83 Wind Up  Standard Fixed 1  

Miniatures 1 to 30 of 30

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
Book1 Book 1
SuperC Super Chargers
Swap Swap Force
TrapTeam Trap Team

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