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have list for user admiralbaguette

These are the miniatures of Pirates CSG that the user admiralbaguette has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
PatOE 028 Black Mongoose  Ship U 1  
PatOE 79 Carcharodon  Ship U 1  
PatOE 022 Deliverance  Ship R 1  
PofDJC 035 Dragon's Breath  Ship U 1  
PatOE 007 Guinee  Ship U 1  
PofDJC 096 Hessian  Ship R 1  
PofSMU 051 HMS Gallowglass  Ship C 1  
PatOE 051 HMS Galway  Ship U 1  
PatOE 050 HMS King John  Ship C 1  
PofSMU 045 HMS Leicester  Ship U 1  
PofR 030 HMS Lord Cauldwell  Ship U 1  
PofDJC 054 HMS Mayfair  Ship C 1  
PofRU UL026 HMS Oxford  Ship U 1  
PofDJC 144 HMS Richards  Ship SE 1  
PatOE 029 HMS Rickets  Ship C 1  
PatOE 052 HMS Sea Phoenix  Ship C 2  
PofSMU 041 HMS Titan  Ship R 1  
PofSMU 079 La Furia  Ship C 1  
PatOE 066 La Reconquistador  Ship C 1  
PatOE 030 Lady Newport  Ship C 1  
PatOE 073 Le Bonaparte  Ship U 1  
PofRU UL047 Le Superbe  Ship R 1  
PatOE 008 Lilu  Ship C 1  
PatOE 013 Nosso Lar  Ship U 1  
PatOE 024 Pioneer  Ship U 1  
PatOE 036 Proud Tortoise  Ship R 1  
PofSMU 023 Royal Fortune  Ship C 1  
PatOE 062 Salte El Tiburon  Ship U 1  
PatOE 068 Santa Lucia  Ship R 1  
PofDJC 014 Sea Monkey  Ship U 1  
PofDJC 094 Swamp Fox  Ship C 1  
PatOE 088 USS Oregon  Ship U 1  

Miniatures 1 to 32 of 32

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
DPotC Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean
F&S Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Fire and Steel
LECC Limited Edition - Crimson Coast
PatOE Pirates at Ocean's Edge
PofBC Pirates of the Barbary Coast
PofBCU Pirates of the Barbary Coast - Unlimited
PofCC Pirates of the Crimson Coast
PofDJC Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse
PofFN Pirates of the Frozen North
PofMI Pirates of the Mysterious Islands
PofR Pirates of the Revolution
PofRU Pirates of the Revolution - Unlimited
PofSCS Pirates of the South China Seas
PofSM Pirates of the Spanish Main
PofSMU Pirates of the Spanish Main - Unlimited
QfDJG Quest for Davy Jones' Gold
RotF Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Rise of the Fiends
SS Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Savage Shores

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