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have list for user bastkitty

These are the miniatures of Pirates CSG that the user bastkitty has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
PofSCS 035 Accused  Ship U 1  
PofCC 046B Administrator Scott Bratley  Crew C 1  
PofCC 062B Agustin Covas  Crew C 1  
PofSM SC-006 Almirante Devante del Nero  Crew C 1  
PofSM PS-026 Batavian Bat  Ship C 3  
PofSCS 034 Bloody Spear  Ship U 1  
PofSM PP-375 Bloody Throne  Ship PR 1  
PofCC 015 Bonnie Liz  Ship C 1  
PofCC 046A Cameron the Cabin Boy  Crew C 1  
PofCC 090B Capitaine Arathiel  Crew C 1  
PofCC 127 Captain  Crew C 1  
PofCC 129 Captain  Crew C 1  
PofSCS 109 Captain  Crew C 1  
PofSCS 112 Captain  Crew C 1  
PofSM PS-021 Carrion Crow  Ship C 2  
PofCC 005 Cassandra  Ship U 1  
PofSM SC-007 Castro's Loyalists  Crew U 1  
PofCC 112 Chainshot Specialist  Crew C 1  
PofSCS 027A Chang Pao  Crew C 1  
PofCC 014 Charles  Ship C 1  
PofCC 087 Claude Perier  Crew C 2  
PofSM SC-012 Comandante Antonio de Silva  Crew C 1  
PofSM EC-012 Commander Temple  Crew C 1  
PofCC 060 Contessa Anita Amore  Crew C 1  
PofCC 062A Doctor Urbano Javier  Crew C 1  
PofSCS 027B Dragon Eyes  Crew C 1  
PofCC 013 Duke  Ship C 1  
PofCC 004 Eagle  Ship U 2  
PofSCS 067 El Algeciras  Ship C 1  
PofSM PS-019 El Chico  Ship C 1  
PofSM PS-022 El Dorado  Ship C 1  
PofSM SS-012 El Duque  Ship C 1  
PofSCS 136 El Fantasma  Crew SR 1  
PofSM SS-016 El Leon  Ship C 1  
PofSM SS-015 El Picador  Ship C 3  
PofSCS 062 El Príncipe de Asturias  Ship U 2  
PofCC 064 El Puerto Blanco  Fort C 3  
PofCC 055 El San Francisco  Ship C 2  
PofSM T-023 Explorer  Crew C 2  
PofCC 109 Explorer  Crew C 1  
PofCC 120 Explorer  Crew C 2  
PofSCS 124 Explorer  Crew C 2  
PofSCS 125 Explorer  Crew C 1  
PofSCS 044 Firepot Specialist  Crew U 2  
PofSCS 059 Firepot Specialist  Crew U 1  
PofSM T-003 Forged Papers  Unique Treasure R 1  
PofCC 047 Fort Brompton  Fort C 2  
PofSM PS-012 Freedom  Ship U 2  
PofSM PC-012 Gaspar Zuan  Crew C 2  
PofSM PC-005 Genny Gallows  Crew C 1  

Miniatures 1 to 50 of 132 - Pages:     [1] 2 3     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
DPotC Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean
F&S Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Fire and Steel
LECC Limited Edition - Crimson Coast
PatOE Pirates at Ocean's Edge
PofBC Pirates of the Barbary Coast
PofBCU Pirates of the Barbary Coast - Unlimited
PofCC Pirates of the Crimson Coast
PofDJC Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse
PofFN Pirates of the Frozen North
PofMI Pirates of the Mysterious Islands
PofR Pirates of the Revolution
PofRU Pirates of the Revolution - Unlimited
PofSCS Pirates of the South China Seas
PofSM Pirates of the Spanish Main
PofSMU Pirates of the Spanish Main - Unlimited
QfDJG Quest for Davy Jones' Gold
RotF Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Rise of the Fiends
SS Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Savage Shores

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