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have list for user beetleboy8

These are the miniatures of HorrorClix that the user beetleboy8 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Miniatures 1 to 39 of 39 (71 total copies)

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
NM NM035 Android  Monster Rare 1  
NM NM031 Archangel  Monster Uncommon 3  
NM NM005 Black Knight  Monster Common 4  
NM NM007 Butcher  Monster Common 2  
FS FS035 Carny (Experienced)  Monster 2 1  
NM NM017 Death  Monster Uncommon 2  
NM NM040 Demon Bunny  Monster Rare 1  
NM NM016 Flasher  Monster Common 3  
FvJ FvJ004 Freddy vs. Jason  Monster CS 1  
FvJ FvJ002 Freddy Worm  Monster CS 1  
NM NM021 Genie  Monster Uncommon 3  
NM NM039 Giant  Monster Rare 1  
NM NM018 Goat-Headed Satanist  Monster Uncommon 2  
NM NM034 Gremlin  Monster Rare 2  
NM NM025 Imaginary Friend  Monster Uncommon 1  
NM NM048 Inbreeder  Monster Rare 1  
NM NM024 Jack in the Box  Monster Uncommon 2  
NM NM012 Jane Cleaver  Monster Common 1  
FvJ FvJ003 Jason Voorhees  Monster CS 1  
NM NM008 Lawn Gnome  Monster Common 1  
NM NM006 Luchador  Monster Common 1  
NM NM010 Museum Wanderer  Monster Common 4  
FS FS052 Phantom Maneater (Rookie)  Monster 2 2  
NM NM019 Pod People  Monster Uncommon 1  
NM NM030 Quarterback Slasher  Monster Uncommon 1  
NM NM047 Shoggoth  Monster Rare 1  
NM NM052 Skin Suit  Monster Super-Rare 1  
NM NM003 Snookums  Monster Common 2  
NM NM032 Street Samurai  Monster Uncommon 2  
NM NM009 Survivalist  Monster Common 3  
NM NM014 Swordsman  Monster Common 1  
NM NM037 Tommyknocker  Monster Rare 1  
NM NM015 Tooth Fairy  Monster Common 3  
NM NM011 Unholy Trinity  Monster Common 2  
FS FS007 Wolfboy (Rookie)  Monster 1 1  
NM NM001 Zombie Cheerleader  Monster Common 3  
NM NM029 Zombie Drill Sergeant  Monster Uncommon 2  
NM NM004 Zombie Scarecrow  Monster Common 4  
NM NM022 Zombie Tin Man  Monster Uncommon 2  

Miniatures 1 to 39 of 39

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AVP AVP: Aliens
AVPAQ AVP: Alien Queen
AVPP AVP: Predators
FS Freakshow
FvJ Freddy Vs Jason
HC HorrorClix
HLE HorrorClix - Limited Edition
LAB The Lab
LabLE The Lab LE
NM Nightmares

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