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have list for user beetleboy8

These are the miniatures of Star Wars that the user beetleboy8 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
AE 58 Advance Agent, Officer  Yuuzhan Vong Uncommon 1  
TFU 46 Amanin Scout  Fringe Uncommon 1  
GaW 34 Aqualish Technician  Fringe Common 1  
IE 11 Arica  Imperial Rare 1  
KOR 2 Bao-Dur  Old Republic Rare 1  
IE 27 Bespin Guard  Fringe Common 1  
RofS 27 Bodyguard Droid  Separatist Uncommon 1  
BH 20 BoShek  Fringe Rare 1 with card
IE 1 Bothan Commando  Rebel Common 1 with card
AE 5 C-3PO and R2-D2  Rebel Rare 1  
JA 25 Cade Skywalker, Padawan  New Republic Rare 1  
LotF 54 Canderous Ordo  Mandalorian Rare 1  
RofS 6 Captain Antilles  Republic Rare 1  
IE 28 Chiss Mercenary  Fringe Common 1  
RofS 9 Clone Trooper  Republic Common 1  
RofS 10 Clone Trooper Commander  Republic Uncommon 1  
GaW 20 Clone Trooper Pilot  Republic Common 1  
GaW 21 Clone Trooper Sergeant  Republic Uncommon 1  
GaW 7 Commando Droid  Separatist Common 1  
JA 31 Crimson Nova Bounty Hunter  Fringe Uncommon 1  
KOR 38 Czerka Scientist  Fringe Common 1  
BH 25 Dannik Jerriko  Fringe Very Rare 1  
BH 27 Dark Hellion Swoop Gang Member  Fringe Common 1  
S 4 Darth Vader (S4 / RotS Reprint)  Imperial Rare 1  
AE 27 Death Star Trooper  Imperial Common 1  
LotF 41 Deliah Blue  Fringe Rare 1 with card
AE 40 Duros Explorer  Fringe Common 1 with card
KOR 39 Echani Handmaiden  Fringe Common 1 with card
AE 6 Elite Hoth Trooper  Rebel Common 1  
S 5 Elite Stormtrooper (S5 / RS Reprint)  Imperial Uncommon 1  
IE 31 Ewok Scout  Fringe Common 1  
LotF 31 Galactic Alliance Scout  New Republic Common 1 with card
LotF 32 Galactic Alliance Trooper  New Republic Common 1  
GaW 29 General Skywalker  Republic Rare 1  
MotF 15 General Solo  Rebel Rare 1 with card
S 6 Heavy Stormtrooper (S6 / RS Reprint)  Imperial Uncommon 1  
JA 33 HK-50 Assassin Droid  Fringe Uncommon 1  
DT 29 Human Engineer  Fringe Common 1 with card
RofS 46 Human Mercenary  Fringe Uncommon 1  
AE 10 Ithorian Commander  Rebel Uncommon 1  
IE 32 Jawa Scavenger  Fringe Common 1  
DT 15 Kota's Militia  Rebel Common 1  
KOR 31 Leia Organa, Senator  Rebel Very Rare 1 with card
IE 33 Lobot, Computer Liaison Officer  Fringe Rare 1  
GaW 14 LR-57 Combat Droid  Separatist Uncommon 1  
IE 35 Mercenary Commander  Fringe Uncommon 1  
AE 14 Mon Calamari Tech Specialist  Rebel Common 1  
TFU 55 Mynock  Fringe Uncommon 1 with card
RofS 49 Nautolan Soldier  Fringe Common 1  
S 1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (S1 / RS Reprint)  Rebel Rare 1  

Miniatures 1 to 50 of 66 - Pages:     [1] 2     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AE Alliance & Empire
BH Bounty Hunters
BoH Battle of Hoth
CS Clone Strike
CW Clone Wars
CWB Clone Wars Battles
CWMP Clone Wars Map Packs
CWS Clone Wars Starter
CotF Champions of the Force
DT Dark Times
GaW Galaxy at War
IE Imperial Entanglements
JA Jedi Academy
KOR Knight of the Old Republic
LotF Legacy of the Force
MAPS Maps, Posters & Misc.
MotF Masters of the Force
RI Rebels & Imperials
RS Rebel Storm
RofS Revenge of the Sith
S Starter Set
SB Starship Battles
TFU The Force Unleashed

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