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List of miniatures of World of Warcraft Miniatures Game wanted by user roguextrader
Miniatures 1 to 14 of 14
Set # Name Type Rarity Amount Comments
Spoils S-36 Crashing Wave-Spirit Monster Common 1  
Spoils S-38 Deathwhisper Monster Rare 1  
Core C-53 Enraged Fire Spirit Monster Rare 1  
Spoils S-41 Felguard Legionnaire Monster Common 1  
Core C-55 Frostsaber Prowler Monster Common 1  
Core C-58 Helwen Monster Common 1  
Core C-9 High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind Alliance Epic 1  
Spoils S-43 Ironfur Bear Monster Common 1  
Spoils S-50 Lady Vashj Monster Epic 1  
Core C-60 Ras Frostwhisper Monster Epic 1  
Core C-62 Sarnoth Monster Common 1  
Core C-65 Storm Rager Monster Rare 1  
Spoils S-48 Warp Stalker Monster Rare 1  
Spoils S-49 Wrathguard Monster Rare 1